How to Add Whimsy and Spark Joy with Patterned Curtains

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When it comes to interior design, trends have a way of cycling back around, and one style that has made a comeback in recent years is “Granny chic.” It is a home decor trend that combines modern design with nostalgic touches you mind find at your grandma’s house. Granny chic is a design style that embraces the whimsical and cozy elements of the past. What is old is definitely new again. I love that the movement is all about expression of personal style by injecting unique and character-filled elements because our homes should tell stories through thoughtfully curated pieces.

One of my favorite ways of embracing Granny chic is through the introduction of more pattern! Even if you haven’t heard the term granny chic, you’ve probably noticed the return of wallpaper, and pattern on pattern (especially the floral and botanical patterns) to interior style. While I personally tend to gravitate toward restrained color palettes, I love adding interest in a space through the use of pattern. Patterned curtains are a hallmark of the Granny chic style. They add a touch of whimsy and character to a room, and when chosen and arranged thoughtfully, they can completely transform a room.

Wherever you’re looking to add the granny chic element of patterned curtains in your home, the key is to strike a balance between old-world charm and modern sensibility. So how do you incorporate patterned curtains?

First, don’t be afraid to mix patterns–that kind of the hallmark look of granny chic style.

I love to mix geometric patterns with botanical or vintage floral patterns.

To avoid overwhelming a space, the key is to stick to a color scheme to tie the pieces together.

The sleek lines of more modern style furniture actually pare beautiful with vintage florals!

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Here are some of my favorite patterned curtains.

Matilda Goad & Co. Scalloped Curtain; 96×50″; $148

Amber Lewis for Anthropologie Rowena Curtain; 96×50′; $98

RHODE Batik Scallop Edge Curtain; set of 2, 96×48″; $89

Riviera Striped Linen/Cotton Curtain; 96×50″; $129

French Knot Drapery Panel; 96×50″; $309

Windowpane Plaid Blackout Window Curtain; 95 x 52″; $108

Darby Curtain; 96×50″, $78

Serena Sea Salt Custom Curtain; starting at $118

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