Gift Guide: For the Mini Makers

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I know, I know it’s not even Halloween and I’m throwing the first gift guide at you, but the hot toys sell out fast every year… So pardon the interruption from #FlippinBrushy and also here to get you all our Designer and the DIYer curated gift guides for everyone special on your list this year. Compiling wish lists for my mini makers is always the most fun, and this year is no exception!

Fairy House Building Kit; $54

This fairy house was at the top of Willa’s Christmas list last year and it has brought so much joy to our entire family. Fairy houses and gardens are no doubt one of the best ways to introduce kids to process art, enhance their bright imaginations and foster creativity. We are constantly adding to our fairy house as we stumble across this and that in nature or around that house that would be the perfect fairy-whatever. And the littles in your life aren’t into fairies, you can easily adapt this into whatever small world they can get most excited about (our fairy house doubles as a bug hotel).

DIY Puzzle; $18

A puzzle that also doubles as art once completed! It would be so fun to paint and decorate these with feathers, pom poms and all of the things once they are built. Multiple versions of this DIY 3D wooden puzzle are available.

Tool Bench; $79

After a constant game of hide and seek with Daddy’s screwdrivers, we knew it was time for a Dax-size tool bench in the garage. We also have the wooden Hape tool bench in his room but this Black and Decker bench keeps his attention in a different way, equipped with three power tools and plenty of other tools to manipulate and organize.

Hape Tool Bench, $97

If you prefer wooden toys to plastic, this Hape tool bench is awesome. We have accumulated quite a few Hape toys, and the quality can’t be beat. More of the tools are actually functional (versus the Black and Decker). For instance, you can actually hammer the nails into the holes, use the wrench to turn the nuts, and overall encourage problem solving and creativity through “building”.

Pottery Wheel; $69

There are so many kid-friendly pottery wheels out there that could hypothetically serve as a great introduction to the art of pottery making. The problem is that most of these wheels are equipped with (very) low-power motors that are not strong enough to actually sculpt the clay which tends to be very tough and sticky. This National Geographic pottery wheel solves this issue, giving small hands a good sense of the real experience.

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Stories of Extraordinary Women; $19

We love reading this series together so much we have moved onto newer series for Rebel Girls Inspiring Changemakers and Rebel Girls Who Rock. These are inspiring book series and a great reminder for kids to create and share their gifts with the world.

Fashion Design Kit; $34

We actually learned last night in our Rebel Girls Book that Coco Chanel grew up in a Roman Catholic Orphanage and it was there that the nuns taught her to sew. As a young girl she used the same materials as the nuns (all black and white cloth) to design clothes for dolls. You never know what kind of inspiration will come from this fashion design kit (but with all the fun colors!)

Toybox 3D Printer; $349

This could very well be the “it” toy this year. The description of this 3D printer boasts an unlimited catalog of toys to choose from but the coolest feature is the ability to upload your own designs to bring them to life. This is at the top of my, I mean their wish list, so fingers crossed that Santa delivers 🙂

Real Tool Kit; $45

If your little has outgrown the mini size tool bench, he/she might be ready for actual (but kid-sized) tools.

Picasso Tiles; $25

All three of my kids (ages 3, 7, and 9 play) with and fight over these Picasso Tiles, daily. They are racetracks, Barbie Houses, spaceships, and whatever else their imaginations can cook up. While you’re at it, go ahead and purchase a couple of these sets because I promise they will be a hit.

Tempera Paints; $18

I have been using these paints forever. One Amazon reviewer sums them up perfectly: “If you are unsure about this paint, get it. It will save you so much time and effort cleaning after your kids have been painting. It is SO HARD for them to make big mess with this stuff, because it doesn’t spill or drip, there’s no bottle to spill or messy paint brushes that drop and dry gobs of paint anywhere. Its all contained, and the colors are beautiful.”

Sewing Machine; $59

I personally think every kid should be able to do some basic sewing. My girls have gained confidence and skills with this starter machine for simple sewing projects like lavender sachets, napkins and scrunchies. Also here is an awesome scrunchie tutorial video if you’re so inclined.

Hey Clay Kits; $19

These kits are our go-to birthday gift for all ages. There is an interactive app that we haven’t actually check out–the good ole fashion clay modeling is enough for us. There quite a few different themes from farm birds to aliens. They are all fun and promote so much creativity!

Stay tuned for more holiday gift guides headed your way for everyone on your list!

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