Christmas Decor Trends and Ideas for 2023

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Every year the same words come out of my mouth “I can’t believe the holiday decorations are up already!” Don’t get me wrong, I love to decorate but I think COVID life took down the rules on when to get in the holiday spirit.

We still haven’t gotten on board with the fake trees, although every year I’m tempted. We just can’t quit the smell of freshly cut tree and also the ceremony around going to a tree farm to pick out our tree for the season. Our tree each year has a different personality– we liked to mix up the species of tree, fullness–all of it is a tradition we just can’t quit. Because we like to go with a fresh tree, our kids have to wait a bit longer for the tree to go up (usually after Thanksgiving). Here are some decor trends and pieces I’m loving this year.

Nature Inspired Elegance

This year, Christmas decor is taking a cue from nature, embracing a palette of earthy tones and organic textures. Brown, in particular, is trending in interiors and extends into the Holiday Palette. Think beyond traditional red and green, and incorporate warm browns, muted greens, and always subtle metallic accents. Instead of going all faux on greenery, try a mix of fresh and faux to bring the outdoors in.  Natural elements like pinecones, twigs, and dried oranges (or lemons!) to add a hint of color and natural charm.  Speaking of dried oranges, I made a dried orange garland last year.  It was so easy and fun! 

Here is what you will need:

  • Naval oranges (count depends on the length of your desired garland, start with 2-3)
  • serrated knife
  • wax paper
  • cookie sheet
  • scissors
  • twine

How to:

  1. Heat your oven to 200 degrees F.
  2. line a baking sheet with parchment/wax paper
  3. Slice oranges about 1/8″ thick, pat dry and place on the baking sheet
  4. Make sure oranges are in a single layer before placing in the oven
  5. Flip the oranges every hour, for a total bake time of about 3 hours or until completely dry and slightly browned.
  6. Let the oranges cool and dry overnight.
  7. Cut two small holes in each orange to thread the twine through.

I love how House of Jade added their orange garland in with greenery and the copper bells.


One of the big trends in the design world for 2023 was nostalgia. Although I believe neutrals will never be out of fashion, there has been a resurgence of pattern, color, creativity and expression in interior spaces this year. “Granny chic” or “grandmillenial” have become known terms to describe more traditional and ornate (even frilly) design elements that you might find in your grandmas home. Holiday decorating in 2023 is no different as tinsel is making a big comeback this year, as well as flocked trees. Raise your hand if your grandma added tinsel to her tree for as long as you can remember 🙋‍♀️.

It turns out that tinsel dates back to the 1600s in Germany where tinsel was hammered into thin strands out of real silver. To top it off, they also used real candles mounted on their trees to illuminate the tinsel effect. Can you imagine how beautiful (but also terrifying)?! Of course tinsel today is no longer made from metal but plastic, but either way, this vintage look is B-A-C-K! We are seeing tinsel used in fresh and ahem classy ways including in the homes of Shea Mcgee pictured belwo. The paring of tinsel with a restrained color palette of the nutmeg, soft gray, dusty blues and metallics brings a sophistocated and elevated spin on retro tinsel.

And if you’re after the ultimate traditional German tinsel tree look with candles and all, these clip on LED candles (can also be used as window candles) are the way to go.

Touches of Velvet

Velvet is always in style, especially this time of year. Here are some ways to incorporate velvet into your holiday decor:

-Hand tied velvet bows on your Christmas tree

-Secure a copper bell or jingle bells to an existing wreath with velvet ribbon

-Secure your new dried orange garland to greenery with velvet

-Velvet ribbon for gift wrapping

Image: Amelia Lawrence Style.

Be sure to check out my Holiday Idea list on Amazon for my favorite velvet ribbons.

More nostalgia and maximalist magic

Did you hear me on the nostalgia and creative expression again and over? This Christmas, more is more! Embrace the maximalist trend by layering textures, colors, and patterns. Mix and match different ornaments, garlands, and lights to create a visually rich and vibrant display. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold hues and unconventional combinations. A maximalist approach allows you to showcase your personality and create a festive atmosphere that’s as unique as you are. Bring on the tchotchkes. This year I will be tucking away our matching quilted Pottery Barn kids Stockings and opting for the quirky hand-sewn and mismatched stockings. We have never really been into monochromatic Christmas ornaments versus our collected and handmade ornaments, so I’m glad to hear the sentimental decor pieces are in fashion (although I personally wouldn’t have it any other way if they weren’t).

DIY Personalization

Nothing adds a personal touch to your holiday decor like do-it-yourself projects and handmade pieces. My Mini Makers and Bakers are always down for a craft project, and some of our most treasured decorations are things like hand print ornaments that I will keep forever. A couple years ago, my kids and I used white air dried clay to form clay “beads” that we strung into a garland. It is simple, beautiful, and it makes me smile.

One of my favorite places to source handmade pieces is Etsy. This year I spotted this adorable spin on an advent calendar for a steal at $12!

Within a couple of days, it went totally viral and is now available on Amazon for $26, ha! Still seems such a whimsical and fun handmade piece.

What is your favorite Christmas decor trend for 2023?

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