Best Gift Ideas for the New Homeowner

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The best t-shirt; $21

Nick loves this one too.

Echo show; $39 (at time of post)

The personal assistant every home needs. Connect it to their Ring Cameras, too!

Ring camera for their piece of mind; $55

Paint deck that I always have on hand; $48

Laser level; $99

Classic brass peppermill to add some sparkle to their kitchen counter; $95

Cordless screwdriver; $81

This is the tool you never realized you needed.

Candle warmer lamp; $29

Every homebody loves a great candle and a cozy lamp. This candle warmer lamp helps release the fragrance of the candle without the smoke while giving of a soft warm light.

Work table (doubles as saw horse); $40

Vitruvi stone diffuser; $123

Beauty and function: I’ve had this diffuser for two years, love it, and use it regularly.

Nothing more classic and timeless than Le Creuset cookware, and how good is this combo of sea salt color and the copper knob(!!!); $299

A basic toolkit because there is always something that needs fixin’ in a new house; $46

A set of beautiful steak knives by Laguiole (made in France and truly the best) ; $179

The best smelling hand-soap and maybe a pretty tea towel to go with it? $24

Peronalized doormat; $150

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