Top 5 Affiliate Programs And 27 Ways To Promote Them

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“How can I make money online if I don’t have a product or service to sell?”

This a question I get quite often from readers of this site.

I get it. Creating your own product can be intimidating and it’s not for everyone.

In fact, it took me over 3 years to launch my first digital info product.

While I do recommend eventually creating your own digital program or course, you should be supplementing your income with side hustles.

Fortunately, there’s a great alternative.

And that’s promoting affiliate products.

Why not leverage an existing product or service that you know sells well and just focus on the marketing instead?

This is a fantastic business model, available to anyone that can be extremely lucrative if you know how to do it.

The main problem with promoting affiliate programs is that there must be thousands of them out there. And 99% of them aren’t worth your time and effort to work with.

Many bloggers start off promoting Amazon products via the Amazon Associates program, but only make pennies a sale.

And I used to be one of those bloggers.

Now, I look for affiliate programs that either offer monthly recurring products or offer high-ticket commissions.

And that’s what I’m going to share in this article.

What Makes a Good Affiliate Program?

Just because you’ve found a high paying affiliate program, doesn’t mean you should promote it right away.

Instead, do some research first before you decide to promote any product. I always look for the following key characteristics.

1. It works for me – While this may seem obvious, there are so many products and services out there that don’t do what they promise. Or they do, but they just don’t work well.

Yet, people still promote these products because they are lured in by the promise of huge commissions or the rampant “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” mentality that is very prevalent in this industry.

Don’t do this. You will lose trust and credibility and it’s never a good idea for a long-term sustainable business.

It’s a good rule of thumb to try a program or service before you put your name on it.

Not only will you maintain credibility, but you’ll do a better job promoting it.

2. I’ve used it myself – This relates to point #1. I’m only going to promote a product as an affiliate if I’ve bought and used the product myself.

By using a product yourself, you will discover both the pros and cons of the product you are using which helps you write more credible reviews or case studies. This is important because the more trustworthy you are, the more likely your readers will click on your affiliate links.

If you do promote something you aren’t a current user in, then just say so in your promotions. Maybe you’ve read a lot of awesome things about it and you eventually want to try it or you’e a beginner, etc…

3. Trusted Brand – I prefer promoting affiliate products of company or person that I already know and trust. I know their products will be solid and that they treat their customers well. These are the brands that make the top affiliate programs.

People are more likely to search and buy from trusted brands. Plus you will find that trusted brands have a lower refund rate which means you get to keep more of your affiliate commissions.

4. Evergreen – I know a lot of people make tons of money promoting product launches. That’s all fine and dandy, but sometimes you can put it tons of works for very little pay off.  I like to focus more on programs that I can always promote, where I continue to earn long-term commissions for many months or even years down the line.

That is why I typically avoid promoting products that will launch for a couple of weeks and then close.

If you find an affiliate product meets these 4 characteristics above, then definitely consider taking the time to promote them.

Don’t worry if that sounds like alot of work. I’m going to give you the 5 best affiliate programs to start promoting today.

But first….

My Favorite Affiliate Program

While there are a lot of great affiliate programs out there, there is one affiliate program in my opinion that stands out from the rest, and that’s ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels offers 40% front-end commissions on ClickFunnels itself and you also get credit for any of the upsells that a customer buys via its sticky cookie. You also get 5% 2nd tier commissions for referring other affiliates.

What’s nice about ClickFunnels is that you can share any funnels you create in the software itself, and use your share funnel url as an affiliate link.

Recently I’ve been promoting an affiliate funnel called The Secret Affiliate Machine, you can read more about that and sign-up for the training here.

If you manage to get 100 affiliate referrals, ClickFunnels will pay you $500 a month towards the lease of your very own dream car. If you reach 200 referrals then they will bump this up to $1,000 a month.

What’s also nice, is that you get access to the email addresses of the affiliates that sign up under you which is rare for affiliate programs like this. This let’s you follow up with them, provide extra value, and keep them under you for a longer period of time.

Lastly, ClickFunnels really synergizes well with a lot of other affiliate products. So while promoting ClickFunnels, you can also promote your favorite email service, link tracking service, and a host of other related affiliate programs that can really boost up your affiliate commissions.

While ClickFunnels doesn’t require to be an active ClickFunnels user, I recommend starting a 14-Day Trial here and then singing up for the affiliate program here.

Other Great Affiliate Programs to Promote

Here are some other affiliate programs that I personally promote and have made good money with.

Email Service Providers (Autoresponders)

I love promoting email service providers because they offer everything you want as an affiliate. I use both ActiveCampaign, Getresponse, and Actionetics and all pay out recurring monthly commissions.

Whenever you/someone chooses a email marketing software you/they usually stick with it for years, as it’s not easy or fun to switch.

And as people you refer add more subscribers to their list, your commissions will also increase as well.

Email service providers are also very easy to promote, because

  • They have high social proof – you can see what service people are using when signing up to various email lists.
  • Easy to write reviews and case studies – It doesn’t take much effort to share your experience with using them.
  • Free trials – Makes it more likely for a prospect to try their service with no risk to them.
  • Every successful business needs one – email marketing is easily one of the best ways to promote things online. And for that, you need a good autoresponder.

Here is a list of some of the best email services to promote.

ConvertKit – Pays 30% recurring commissions.

Aweber – 30-day free trial and 30% recurring commissions.

GetResponse – Has a full 1-month free trial and 33% recurring commissions.

ActiveCampaign – Has a 14-day free trial. New affiliates earn 20% recurring commissions. But you can bump that up to 25-30% if you reach certain thresholds.

MailerLite – Has a great free plan up to 1,000 subscribers. Pays 30% recurring commissions.

Landing Page Builders

There are several landing page building services out there. These products allow non-coders to build professional looking landing pages to collect emails, create sales pages and more.

It is very easy to demonstrate how these products work for your readers. Just start using them in your own business and write case studies detailing how they work for you.

These services are also quite sticky. Perhaps not as much as an email service provider, but customers usually stick around for several months if not longer when they find their favorite.

ClickFunnels – Offers 40% recurring commissions on ALL products including the monthly recurring options. Once you get 100 or 200 active members you’ll receive an additional $500 and $1000 on top of commissions.

Click here for more information about ClickFunnels affiliate program.

Kartra – Pays 40% for life of every sale and recurring payment generated by your referrals during their membership to Kartra. And of course, if your referrals upgrade their Kartra account package at any time, your commissions will be automatically updated accordingly.

Instapage – Earn 50% on initial payment and 30% recurring commissions for every month after.

Web Hosting

The Web hosting niche contains some of the highest paying affiliate programs out there.

Web hosts are easy to promote because you can easily write about your own experience with your chosen web host and use tools like Pingdom and GTMetrix to show how reliable and fast your site is. And they’re sticky. Users tend to stick with their web hosts for a long time unless something bad happens.

Affiliate programs for web hosts vary quite a bit. Many offer a tiered flat rate commission per sale. However, a select few web hosting affiliate programs do offer recurring commissions. Promote these companies to continue to grow your passive income.

Bluehost – Bluehost offers a flat-rate and no recurring commissions, BUT it’s one of the best converting hosting companies out there.

WPX Hosting – This is the hosting we use here at Blogging With Funnels. Offers between $70-$100 per sale depending on how many referrals you make.

Kinsta – Earn $50 to $500 up front commissions depending on the plan they buy. Then earn 10% recurring commissions every month after that for as long as they stay on.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

WordPress is the most popular CMS online. It powers many of the most popular blogs and sites you see on the web. With this popularity comes a huge ecosystem of WordPress themes and plugins.

Here are a couple of my favorite WordPress affiliate programs.

The Genesis Framework – The most popular wordpress theme framework in use today. Has a huge community of child theme and plugin developers. Can promote the framework and all Studiopress created child themes for 35% commissions.

Sell their Pro Plus All-in One Theme pack and earn a cool $139.98 from the sale.

Thrive Themes – Theme club and plugin developer started by Shane Melaugh who is one of my favorite marketers. Can earn 50% on upfront sales and 25% on recurring commissions. Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect are two of their flagship products which are easy to promote.

Elegant Themes –  All affiliates receive 50% of each sale, which is nearly double the industry standard. Unlike many other companies, they also pay out commissions on yearly renewals. This means that you will continue making money each year as customers pay their yearly renewal fees to continue using our amazing themes.

Other Affiliate Programs To Promote

Legendary Marketer –

Knowledge Business Blueprint –

Affiliate Secrets –

Digital Course Secrets –

How do you promote these affiliate programs

Now that you have an idea of some of the best affiliate programs to join, how do you go about promoting them? Here are 26 examples of successful marketers promoting these types of affiliate programs.

Use these as inspiration and pick a method or two to promote your own favorite affiliate product.

1. Create an amazing bonus offer around it

Best ClickFunnels Bonus Offer

2. Mention product in an epic content post

10 Passive Income Ideas To Help You Quit Your Job

3. Create a course around it
4. Put together a product giveaway
5. Compile a list of people using the product
6. Do a mega comparison post
7. Publish a product alternatives post
8. Write an in-depth product review
9. Publish a ‘Why I Switched Post’
10. Do a product vs product post11. Add the product to your Resource page
12. Create a product tutorial post
13. Create a Youtube video tutorial highlighting the product
14. Compose a detailed product case study
15. Include product as part of a list post
16. Build a comparison review site
17. Integrate it in as part of an ‘Epic’ How-To-Guide
18. Show earnings from product as part of a monthly income report
19. As part of a Best Tools Experts Roundup Post
20. Do a Training Webinar around the product
21. Make it part of a ‘Black Friday Deals’ post
22. Negotiate with owner for an exclusive deal for your readers
23. Sell product through email
24. Incorporate product as part of a ‘Tools I can’t live without’ post
25. Write a product updates post when new features are announced
26. Create a recommendations tool that matches user with the best product for them
27. Run Facebook Ads, Pinterest Promoted Pins, or Google Ads to your offers

Final Thoughts

Being a full-time affiliate marketer is a great way to create a freedom business. You can work from anywhere with your laptop, offers to promote, and a little know-how.

I’ve made over $100,000 as an affiliate for various affiliate programs and my goal is to consistently make $15,000/month on autopilot.

I’d like to offer you a few resources to make your affiliate marketing journey simple and successful!

Just click on the links below for training, funnels, and more…

How To Make $100- $300 Per Day Working From Home

I’d love to hear about any affiliate programs that you have been successful promoting. Feel free to share in the comments

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