Samcart Review – The Pros and Cons Of Using Samcart For Your Blog

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Have you ever been searching for the best way to sell your products online?

So we have figured out that the best way for selling your products online is SamCart.

SamCart purposes to be a simple, turnkey solution for marketers to sell their products online and create a professional looking shopping cart. And it integrates with most known email service providers so you can create high converting sales funnels.

With SamCart, you can easily be up and running with a fully functional checkout page in under 30 minutes. It is really easy to use and it is perfect for marketers who just want to setup a shopping cart that works, with a minimal amount of fuss.

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SamCart Integrations

To start selling products, you need a way to collect payments from your customers. And for that, you need to have a payment processor. SamCart supports the 2 major ones people use which are Paypal and Stripe.

SamCart has a useful sandbox mode. This allows you to ensure everything is working properly before going live with your product. This means you can test payments without actually charging your credit card and without messing up your stats.

Similarly, you will want to integrate SamCart with your favorite email service provider. SamCart supports a wide variety of email service providers including ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and Drip.

This will enable you to tag or add your new costumers automatically to a specific buyers list on your auto responder account. Or conversely, if a user refunds a purchase, you can take an action like removing them from the list.

SamCart Pricing

SamCart has 3 different plans, Basic, Pro, and Premium. Basic is $19 a month, Pro is $99 a month and Premium is $199 a month.

The basic plan gives you access to most of templates and all the email integrations. But SamCart charges a 1% processing fee on all orders and you don’t get up sells, reporting, split testing and some of the other advanced features.

The pro account gives you everything except the Subscription Saver and Affiliate Center features and doesn’t charge a processing fee.

To get those, you need to pay an additional $100 a month for the Premium plan.

So what are these two extra premium features?

-The first is called the Subscription Saver, and it is for people who sell subscriptions to their product or service.

One of the problems with subscription plans is you will inevitably fail to bill your customer’s credit card sometimes in the future. It could be because they canceled their card, it passed its expiration date or any other number of reasons.

Normally, that means you have lost that customer’s recurring income forever.

But with subscription saver, SamCart will automatically send an email to your customer on your behalf and give them a link to update their payment information on file. Once the customer does this, SamCart makes the late payment and keeps the subscription going.

-The other Premium feature is the SamCart Affiliate Center. This will allow you to start recruiting an army of affiliates to help you promote your product and bring in more sales.

SamCart provides you with both an affiliate login and signup URL for you to send to prospective affiliates.

Inside the affiliate center, you can see a list of all your affiliates and their stats (click, orders, commissions, earnings per click)

So if you are a digital marketer and you are looking to launch a new product, I would highly recommend giving SamCart a look. It is one of the easiest ways to set up an online shopping cart and I think it will prove very profitable for your business.  

Samcart vs. Stripe

I added this section in my Samcart review, because I’ve seen a few questions in the private Samcart Facebook group.

Stripe and Samcart are not mutually exclusive, but you will need Stripe to use Samcart. Stripe is free, aside from the small per transaction fee.

Stripe integrates easily with Samcart and is my favorite payment processor along with Paypal.

Samcart vs. ClickFunnels

If you’ve read any of my other articles, you know I am an avid user and promoter of ClickFunnels. I LOVE ClickFunnels.

It has allowed me make 5 figures every month almost on autopilot.

ClickFunnels has shopping cart templates very similar to Samcart and in fact, you can customize ClickFunnels checkout pages even more than you can on SamCart.

So, why am I still using SamCart checkout pages over ClickFunnels?

2 Reasons I’m still using Samcart checkout pages over Clickfunnels checkout pages:

1.) I have over 10 checkout pages on Samcart and I’ve procrastinated switching them over

2.) I like the Paypal integration on SamCart more than ClickFunnels/Paypal integration.

Samcart vs ThriveCart

The biggest difference between SamCart and ThriveCart is one is a monthly recurring payment and one is a lifetime license.

ThriveCart charges $595 for a lifetime license.

SamCart charges ($19 to $197 per month).

I personally don’t mind paying monthly recurring payments with SamCart, because of the awesome support and the constant rolling out of new features.

Businesses that charge monthly, IMO should feel more of a sense of urgency to constantly be improving, growing, and adding new features to their platform.

I’ve NEVER had an issue with SamCart and I’ll continue using them to grow my business.

SamCart Review – Final Thoughts

[eafl id=”421″ name=”SamCart” text=”SamCart”] is one of the top 3 softwares I gladly pay for every single month, along with ClickFunnels and GetResponse

If you’re looking for an easy to way to get your customers to give you money, and who isn’t, then SamCart is a great option for you.

They just launched a “Basic” version of their software so you can start creating awesome checkout pages for less than $20/month.

Click this link here to try them for 14-Days.

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  1. Hi I was supposed to be at work today but Samcart caught my eye. I’m a independent distributor for an MLM I haven’t made a dime. The thing about Samcart which caught my eye and which you can duplicate via your downline is your one page set up. I’d know that Samcart is for me. Right now I’ve post’s on Instagram but I need to know how to start.