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How One Blog Post That Took Me Just 2 Hours To Write Made Me $17,830 Last Month

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You’re one blog post away! (more on this statement later).

Never in my wildest dreams would I think ONE simple blog post could make almost $20,000 in ONE month.

Since writing the blog post less than 3 months ago, it has made me close to $30,000 and at this rate it will end up making me about $50,000 by the end of the year, in 2017.

With ZERO paid traffic.

Think about that for a second, I spent NO money on ads. It’s ALL profit.

The blog post in question took me about 2 hours to write, since it’s a topic I know a lot about and am passionate about.

I hit publish and let social media do the rest!

Are YOU One Blog Post Away From Achieving Your Dreams?

I’m a user of a software called ClickFunnels. If ClickFunnels were named Chelsea, my wife would probably think I was cheating on her.

I’m ALWAYS talking about how amazing ClickFunnels has been for my online business. Without ClickFunnels I would not be writing this article.

I would definitely NOT have made $17,830 last month (see proof below):

ClickFunnels makes it possible for me run a simple business, with low overhead, low stress, and BIG profits.

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The ClickFunnels community has a saying “You’re Just One Funnel Away.

Meaning you’re just one sales funnel from achieving your dreams or making a million dollars or being successful, whatever that means for you.

Since I’m a die-hard blogger, I started saying “You’re Just One Blog Post Away.

I combined the traffic-getting power of blogging with the money-making power of a sales funnel (ClickFunnels) to generate $17,830 last month and will continue to make money on autopilot.

4 Steps To Making Money From Your Blog

Step 1: Get The Expert Secrets Book FREE

You would think the first step of making money from writing a blog, would be to write the blog. WRONG!

You first need to understand your market, how to communicate with them, and how to convert your market into BUYERS and/or raving FANS.

Expert Secrets teaches you exactly how to do that and you can a FREE copy of that book by clicking HERE

I’ve read over 50 business and marketing books in the last 10 years and Expert Secrets is hands-down the best marketing, business, and self-help book on the planet.

Sure, IMHBAO (It’s My Humble But Accurate Opinion).

Accurate, because if you take action after reading this book, you will see almost instant RESULTS.

See what I mean here: How One Free Book Made Me $17,830 Last Month And How You Can Get A Copy

Ok, you COULD skip step 1 and while I don’t recommend it, you technically could. Just remember this, if you don’t know what your market, niche, readers, etc…want you can’t give them what they want.

It’s like trying to read your spouses mind. It doesn’t work. You need to communicate or research to find the answers you need to be happy in the case of your spouse and to make money in the case of your blog.

Done reading Expert Secrets? Let’s move to step #2…

Step 2: Create or Choose Your Product Or Service

I only was able to make a significant income last month and the months before and future months is because I created a product that helped my prospects.

You need to turn your prospects into CUSTOMERS.

And you do that by getting your readers, followers, and prospects….RESULTS.

What can you create or offer to get your people results?

In other words, how can you turn browsers into RAVING FANS.

Now, can you see why knowing what your audience REALLY wants is so important?

You could create:

  • A video course
  • A PDF digital product
  • A combination of videos and PDFs (my personal favorite)
  • A one-on-one coaching program
  • A group coaching program

It doesn’t matter how you choose to provide the service or program as long as it produces a specific result.

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Step 3: Outline and Write Your Blog Post

Before you sit down and start writing your money making blog post, you need to learn the nature of “the perfect blog post:”

  • Drive organic traffic day and night
  • Inspire readers to take a specific action
  • Compel readers to share with friends, family, and their followers
  • Establish yourself as credible and trustworthy

There are also 4 “Rules Of The Perfect Blog Post”:

Rule #1: Research, Research, Research

In real estate, the saying goes “Location, Location, Location” and in blogging the saying should be “Research, Research, Research!”

Not only do you need to understand your topic, but you need to know WHAT your readers WANT.

When you know what they want, you know what to give them. Simple, right?

I’ve realized it’s almost impossible to read the mind’s of your prospects. You either need to do extensive research or you need to communicate with them.

If you can do both, even better.

Rule #2: Quality > Quantity

I’ve worked in the nutrition coaching industry for awhile (still do with my separate business) and I always told my clients “Focus on quality not quantity.”

The same goes for your content.

Google LOVES long posts with lots of content, because they want their customers to be provided with the value they are seeking.

If someone searches for “ClickFunnels Review“, do you think Google is going to give a higher ranking to a website with a bunch of spammy links or a website with video tutorials, research, and over 1500 words of high-quality content?

The answer should be clear.

Rule #3: Call To Action

WHAT do you want your reader to DO!

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see bloggers make, they fail to include a call to action.

A call to action could be to:

  • leave a comment
  • opt-in to your email list
  • go to a sales page (my personal favorite)
  • or fill out a consultation form

If doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you clearly tell your reader what you want them to do and why.

For example: I want YOU to learn more about how I make money blogging without having ads on my website, so I want to invite you to a FREE 14-Day Trial of ClickFunnels (my favorite online business software).

Throughout this article, I’ll add this link where I see fit. That’s a call to action. If you end up opting in to my list for something of value, that’s a BONUS.

Speaking of bonuses, if you decide to try ClickFunnels under my link, I’m giving you $997 bonuses to help triple your blog’s income. (See The Bonuses Here)

See how call to actions work?

And it’s OK to include multiple call to actions, just make sure it’s all congruent to what you’re writing about. My best performing blog posts, have at least 5 call to actions.

Rule #4: Automate Everything

If content is king, then automation is Queen.

Automation allows you to make money while you sleep, without the customer service headaches that will literally keep you up at night.

My favorite automation tool is ClickFunnels, because it is the #1 reason I was able to make $17,830 in one month.

*Authors Note: ClickFunnels has a 14-Day Free Trial and if you sign-up with this link, I’m going to send you $997 in FREE bonuses just for trying it out. That’s how much I want to see you succeed!

So what are the main things to automate?

#1: You should automate your emails as soon as someone gives you their email address.

#2: You should automate your product fulfillment as soon as someone gives you money.

#3: You should try to automate your customer service with FAQs, clear policies, and support documentation.

Those are the most important things I’ve found in building a six-figure blog. Automation is like delegation, it’s not something you think you can do, but once you do, it changes your life and business.

Now we’re talking about FREEDOM.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat

Now just repeat this process over and over again.

In reality, you just need to repeat steps 2 and 3, once you narrowed down your audience and niche and have created your service or product, you just need to produce content that inspires action.

Are You Ready To Start Writing Life-Changing Blog Posts and Creating Money-Making Sales Funnels With ClickFunnels?

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a promoter and affiliate for ClickFunnels.

Yes, I like making money just like you do, but I also ONLY promote products I believe in. And if you asked what the #1 thing I need to run my business, I would not hesitate to say ClickFunnels.

Honestly, I don’t even need WordPress, because you can create custom blog posts inside of ClickFunnels.

You can do this and more once inside your ClickFunnels dashboard:

  • write completely customized blog posts
  • send people to your sales page you can build in a couple of hours
  • create a custom order form
  • send your readers and buyers email broadcasts
  • make a landing page to capture email addresses

And you can do it all in a few hours.

I’m going to make starting a ClickFunnels trial a no-brainer for you, because once you register for a 14-day trial, I’m going to send you $997 worth of bonuses, here’s what I’m offering you:

  • 1 30-Minute Online Business Accelerator Call With Me ($197 value)
  • Access To ClickFunnels Support Group ($97 Value)
  • ClickFunnels Website Template
  • Bonus Funnels ($47 value):
    • 3 Real Estate Funnels
    • 1 Chiropractor Funnel
    • 1 Affiliate Funnel
    • 1 Fitness Digital Product Funnel

All you need to do to claim you bonuses is start a 14-Day Trial and experience the business growing power of ClickFunnels

Remember, you’re blog post away and you’re one funnel away from making $3,000, $10,000, or even $20,000 a month.

Follow the steps and let me know about your breakthrough blog post!


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