How I Paid Off $11,001.51 In Student Loans In Less Than 9 Months

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Yup, that was NOT a typo. My pesky student loan debt, debt I thought would ALWAYS haunt me, is GONE…forever!

Here’s the proof:

Just to put paying off $11,000 in student loans in 9 months in some perspective… During the past 2ish years (before making the big payment) I only paid down only about $600, here’s the proof of that:

And just for good measure (and to prove to myself I really did it):



My Student Loans

I never liked school, especially college. Aside from parties, friends, and occasional class I actually enjoyed college was a total waste of time.

I don’t use anything I learned in college to run my businesses. In fact, this blog post is about the only time I’ve mentioned college in the past 10 years of being an entrepreneur.

I did meet some awesome people and I suppose I’ll be positive and say maybe I would never started my own business if it weren’t for going to college.

My parents helped pay for my school through loans of their own. We went about 50/50, which I suppose is fair.

All and all, I hadn’t put a dent in my student loan debt since leaving college in 2007, about 10 years. I kept on putting it off, making a payment every now and then.

Then 5 years ago, my wife got pregnant with our first, so all the money went to financing that. Then 2 years ago, I had my second, so life kept on throwing “more important” things than my student loan debt.

Surprisingly, my student loan debt NEVER went away…in fact, it increased in size!

Pesky interest…

About 1 year ago my wife and I decided it was time to eliminate this particular debt from our life. So I made a plan.

As a business owner, especially as an online entrepreneur there is this concept or Holy Grail of multiple revenue streams.

1 year ago, I only had 1 or 2 streams of income, which was paying the bills, but it didn’t leave alot for extracurricular activities or paying off extra debt.

So, I told myself I’m going to research a potential revenue stream, start making money, and ANYTHING I make from that ONE income stream I’ll use to pay off student loan debt.

She looked at me like I was crazy and said “it’s going to take forever to pay off $11,000 in debt, you’re starting from scratch after all…”

Oh wife of little faith… (actually I kind of believed her)…

Until I started making money from my random little revenue stream and 9 months from starting from scratch I paid off $11,001.51 in my student loan debt. 

Take that WIFE!

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Ready to learn about my secret little income source that helped me pay off my student loans in less than 1 year…

How I Paid Off $11,001.51 In Student Loans In Just 9 Months

You’re one income source away from paying off your student loans or buying a car or putting a down payment on your dream home.

ClickFunnels, the software that allowed me to pay off my student loans in such a short time, has this slogan “You’re Just One Funnel Away!”

Since ClickFunnels is a software used to create websites, sales funnels, landing pages, and more.

About 9 months I became an affiliate for ClickFunnels. I had been using them for 3 years, but really hadn’t thought about affiliate marketing until I noticed others making thousands of dollars of passive income promoting ClickFunnels and other softwares.

And 9 months later:


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This was ALL through my blog, the blog you’re on right now.

I started writing articles and blogs about ClickFunnels and sending people to try it out for 14-Days, since they offer a 14-day trial.

The first 3 months were brutal, I wasn’t gaining any traction, but I stayed consistent and I was determined to prove my wife wrong make this work.

FINALLY, I made a $398.80 commission from a $997 sale. ClickFunnels pays you 40% of every sale they make from someone you sent to them. Then things really started to get interesting…

I had about 10 people under my belt 4 months after I started promoting ClickFunnels, which was earning about $600/month. Not bad, for writing a few articles.

Then every single month I was adding 5-10 ClickFunnels subscriptions. Sure I would lose 1 or 2, but I was increasing my recurring revenue every single month, which was the goal. Here’s where I’m at right now:

By the end of 2018 I’ll be generating close to $3,000 every single month. That’s without ANY extra work on my part.

I have about 45 ClickFunnels subscriptions under my belt right now and when I hit 100 sometime in 2019, ClickFunnels will send my an extra $500/month. So, in about 6 months I’ll be sitting pretty with about $5000/month in recurring income just from this one software.

This article might seem like a ClickFunnels affiliate program love fest (and it is), BUT for good reason.

One of my virtual friends just hit $1,000,000 with the ClickFunnels affiliate program, so what I’m making is small potatoes to him and many others making over $10,000/month.

Multiple Streams Of Income To Pay Off Student Loan Debt

A good business owner knows not to put all of their eggs in one basket.

Which is why ClickFunnels isn’t the ONLY way to pay off your student loan debt, it just made the most financial sense to me, because it’s a hard program to beat.

But there are many other ways to make extra money online.

Here are a few other programs to join for extra money:

1.) ClickFunnels

2.) Maxbounty 

3.) ShareASale

4.) Amazon Affiliate Program

5.) Clickbank

My Tips To Pay Off Your Student Loans In Record Time

Maybe you aren’t ready to start your own online business to pay off your student loans, here are a few more tips to get rid of your student loan debt.

Earn More Money

I know, I know…easier said than done. But, you can’t ignore the cold hard truth…

If you find ways to earn more money, you’ll have disposable income to put towards your student loan payments.

I’ll list a few ways to make extra money and I’ll share a few articles that will also help:

Take Surveys. Survey companies are a great way to earn a few bucks every day while you aren’t doing anything or watching TV. Some of the best survey companies are (click on any of the links to start earning money right away): Survey Voices, Swagbucks, Vindale Research, Survey Junkie, Pinecone Research, Real Surveys That Pay, and E-Poll.

Some More Articles On Surveys:

30 Legit Survey Sites: Make $500+/Month Or More From Home

15 Survey Sites To Join To Make Extra Money In 2019

20 Survey Sites Where You Can Earn Extra Money Every Month

They’re free to join and free to use! You get paid to answer surveys and to test products. It’s best to sign up for as many as you can as that way you can receive the most surveys and make the most money.

Sell Stuff You Own And Don’t Need. Are you really going to start using that old treadmill or have electronics that are collecting dust? You can make some quick cash selling your stuff. You can even buy and resell things if you want to get really creative.

Start a blog. “Blogger” is what I put on Occupation these days. I know it sounds like a weird profession, but blogging if how I take care of my family and trust me, 3 years ago I would have NEVER thought I would living this freedom lifestyle.  As of December of 2018, I am now earning around $15,000/month blogging. You can create your own blog here.You can start your blog for a few bucks a month of overhead and you can start earning money within a month or two, depending on your commitment.

Play Games For Cash. InboxDollars is an online rewards website I recommend. You can earn cash by taking surveys, playing games, shopping online, searching the web, redeeming grocery coupons, and more.

Become an Uber or Lyft driver – Spending your spare time by driving others around can be a great money maker.

More Articles On How To Make Money:

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How To Make $2000 Fast (In 2 Weeks Or Less)

Set A Budget

I personally HATE budgets, but I must admit it’s very helpful in managing finances. Create a budget right NOW.

First, include your actual income and expenses for each month. This will help show you how much money you have left over each month and how much money should be going towards your student loan debt each month.

Pretty easy, right?

Eliminate Some Expenses

Earn Free Cash Back. Sign up for a website like Ebates where you can earn CASH BACK for just spending like how you normally would online. The service is free too!

Pay Your Bills. Duh, right? I mean to pay them on time so you don’t have fees.

Pay Yearly Instead Of Monthly. You can always get a free month or two for paying yearly. So, why don’t pay for a year, and put the rest of the money you save towards your loan.

Commit To Paying Your Student Loans Off ASAP

Time to get REAL, the point of this article is to not just help you pay off your student loans, but help you BELIEVE that you can pay them off.

And not only pay them off, but pay them off quickly!

And even start a business!

Don’t set aside the money, like I did, just start paying as much as you can every month. I honestly can’t believe I wasn’t tempted to use the money for something else.

It may sound tough, but once you create a habit of paying extra, it will be second nature and pretty soon, you won’t have them anymore!

How much student loan debt do you have? Do you want some help starting your online business? Do you have a plan? Are you ready to commit?

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