Free Affiliate Training: How To Make $7,760 Every Month In 100 Days

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I’ve been running an online business for about 2 years and have never make much money as an affiliate until I found out about a program you can easily earn $3,380, $7,760, or even MORE every single month…RECURRING.

This is the definition of “passive income” and it’s not only the best affiliate program in the market, the software actually HELPS people.

I know, an affiliate network that actually WORKS.

I’ve been using ClickFunnels for 15 months and have averaged $7,000/month (not in affiliate money).

I don’t know about you, but I don’t promote something unless it fits into 3 criteria:

1.) I personally use it.

2.) I believe it actually can help people.

3.) I can benefit (i.e make money) from promoting it.

ClickFunnels meets my three criteria with flying colors!

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If you decide not to sign-up for my free training, not to worry I’m going to provide some insight in this article and even give you my affiliate market funnel.

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What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a software used to easily create sales funnels, websites, landing pages, membership sites, and more with a few clicks of a button and moves of your mouse.

With ClickFunnels you can run your offline or online business with ease and you can save hours of time, tons of money, and years of stress.

How Can I Become A ClickFunnels Affiliate?

It’s really easy to sign-up for ClickFunnels Affiliate program.

Once you click this link, you’ll be take to a page that looks like this:

Just enter your info.

If you already have a ClickFunnels account, then you already are an affiliate, so you just need to sign-in to your ClickFunnels account and click “Affiliates” like this:

The good news is you don’t need a ClickFunnels account to become an affiliate to ClickFunnels.

BUT, if you really want to see fast results, you should probably at least TRY ClickFunnels here.

Your next step is to watch my free ClickFunnels training by clicking here to Discover How To Earn $3880+/month In Affiliate Commissions. Bonus: Get a Free Done For You (Copy and Paste) Affiliate Marketing Funnel

Can You Really Make $7,760 A Month As A ClickFunnels Affiliate?

You might be skeptical. I was.

You might think it’s going to take alot of work. It will.

You might think you’re better off doing something else. You should and shouldn’t.

There is no “get rick quick” program that works. And if it works, it’s probably only short term.

That’s why I love the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

If you can sign-up ONE trial every day for 100 days, you could be making between $3,880 to $7,760 every month.

Here’s how the math works out:

If you sign up 1, 2, or 3 New Members per Day for the next 100 days to a basic Clickfunnels Account:

1 = $3,880 / Month or $46,560 / Year

2 = $7,760 / Month or $93,120 / Year

3 = 11,640 / Month or $139,680 / Year

If you sign up 1, 2, or 3 New Members per Day for the next 100 days to a Full Etison Suite Clickfunnels Account:

1 = $11,880 / Month or $142,560 / Year

2 = $23,760 / Month or $285,120 / Year

3 = $35,640 / Month or $427,680 / Year

Those are pretty amazing results. You can literally retire in 100 days.

Click HERE to sign-up as a ClickFunnels Affiliate

You don’t NEED a ClickFunnels account to start promoting and making the kind of money I mention above, however, it’s alot easier to promote ClickFunnels if you’re using it.

Get Just 100 New ClickFunnels Users…And They’ll Cover The Payments On YOUR Dream Car!”

Over 50 people have won dream cars from ClickFunnels and this affiliate program isn’t even 3 years old!

Let me ask you a question…

What’s your dream car?

A Tesla?
Or something else?

Here’s my “Dream Car”…a Mercedes G-Wagon:

You know, the car you’d LOVE to have, but you’d NEVER buy for yourself…

They Want To GIVE You THAT Car… For FREE! Let me explain how this works.

As a member of the Click Funnels affiliate program, you are automatically enrolled into our “Dream Car” contest. Each month, as you signup new members, you will get closer and closer to getting your DREAM CAR!

Let me show you how easy it is to qualify:

Step #1 – Get 100 Active Click Funnels Members – As soon as you have 100 active Click Funnels members, you qualify for your DREAM CAR! You can then go lease this car, and then send us proof that you got it…

Step #2 – We Send You $500 Per Month Towards Your Lease Payment – As long as you stay above 100 active Click Funnels members, we’ll send you a $500 check to reimburse your payment on your dream car!Ferrari?

Step #3 – We’ll Increase It To $1,000 Per Month When You Get To 200 Members! – In any month that you have at least 200 active Click Funnels members, we’ll send you $1000 check to reimburse your payments on your dream car!

ClickFunnels Goal Is To Give Away 100 Cars In The Next 12 Months…

Will One Of Them Be Yours?

*Active Members Must Be At The $97 Month “Startup” Level Or Above

What Are The Next Steps To Become A ClickFunnels Affiliate?

Step #1 – Get Your Affiliate Links Inside Affiliate Center
Step #2 – Start Promoting Click Funnels
Step #3 – Let me know how we can help you win YOUR dream car!!!

What Successful Affiliates Are Doing That You Aren’t

This post wasn’t just to showcase ClickFunnels’ amazing affiliate program, rather it was to give you free access to my personal ClickFunnels affiliate and training that I’m using to get to $7,760 in recurring revenue every month.

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All you need is ONE trial every day for 100 days to get to close to $4,000 per month and to get close to $8,000 per month in 200 days.

Just register for my training and start sending people to your free funnel you’ll have instant access to your free Affiliate Viral Share Funnel.

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