The Ultimate List Of Digital Product Ideas

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Digital products have changed my life.

I’ve sold over 13,000 copies of my digital programs over the last 4-5 years.

These were all in my first “expert” niche ‘health and weight loss.”

Now I’m also an expert in helping people create digital programs, blogging, and affiliate marketing. I’ve made six-figures with each of these, so I’m pretty confident in what I’m doing and teaching.

I’ve put together a growing list of info/digital product ideas and examples for you to start earning passive income in practically ANY niche you’re passionate about.

There are certain niches that tend to do better online than others, but you’d be amazed at some niches that make tons of money!

1. Fitness / Wellness / Health

    1. Weight loss
      1. weight loss for women over 50 (or in any age)
    2. Prepare for marathons / competitions
    3. Building muscle / getting fit
      1. How to use gym equipment for newbies
    4. Makeover/transformation
    5. Nutrition / Eating well
      1. Keto/Paleo/Intermittent Fasting
      2. Recipe books for specific diets
      3. vegan lifestyle
    6. Yoga or Pilates workout videos
    7. Sleep disorders / Sleeping better
    8. Basic first aid
    9. Make-up / beauty tutorials
    10. Mental health
      1. getting rid of anxiety
      2. identifying when you have a problem
      3. getting over social fears
      4. battling depression
      5. living with OCD

2. Relationships

  1. Teach single people how to date / how to find a partner
    1. How to master dating sites
    2. How to pick up ladies / guys at a bar
    3. How to make your new relationship last
    4. How to know if they’re the “one”
    5. How to have confidence
  2. Coach married couples
    1. to stay together
    2. to increase communication
    3. to increase sex
  3. Coach divorcees how to get back in the game
  4. Getting over heartbreak / how to let go of an ex

3. Wealth Management / Investing

    1. Stock Market
    2. Saving for retirement
    3. Real estate
    4. Understanding your 401k, IRA, etc.
      1. How to understand your financial statements
    5. Getting out of debt
    6. How to pay less in taxes legally

4. Make Money Online / Ecommerce

    1. Affiliate marketing
    2. Mastering Ebay
    3. Craiglist reselling
    4. Amazon FBA
    5. How to set up a shopify store
    6. How to sell t-shirts online with CF, Redbubble
    7. Mastering Etsy
    8. Making money with blogging, YouTube, etc.
    9. Selling ebooks on Amazon
      1. How to write your first book
      2. How to find a ghost writer
      3. How to design your own book covers
    10. Selling courses on Udemy, Skillshare, etc.

5. Technology

    1. How to use photoshop, Adobe premiere, etc.
    2. How to set up a website on CF, Wix, WordPress
    3. How to code / Learn basic HTML, CSS, etc
    4. Tricks you never knew your smartphone could do
    5. Mastering MS Word, Excel, any desktop program
    6. How to use any software that is specific to your industry / job you might have had before

6. Building a Business / Management

    1. Branding
    2. Outsourcing
    3. Hiring your first employee
    4. Accounting
    5. Copywriting / Copyediting
    6. Content Creation
    7. Health / Life Insurance
    8. Running paid ads
    9. SEO
    10. Organic traffic strategies
    11. Sales Funnel building / design

7. Arts and Crafts

    1. Photography for weddings, etc.
    2. Drawing with charcoal, pencil, etc.
    3. Painting with acrylic, oils, etc.
    4. How to make jewelry
    5. How to knit / crochet
    6. Graphic Design
    7. Scrapbooking
    8. Origami
    9. Ceramics

8. Drug / Alcohol Recovery

    1. Trauma resolution
    2. How to get sober and stay sober
    3. Alternative programs to AA / NA

9. Motivation

    1. Goal setting
    2. Daily / morning routines
    3. Planning your days, weeks, months
    4. Productivity

10. Weddings

    1. How to plan
    2. How to budget
    3. How to pick wedding contractors
    4. How to find your wedding theme
    5. How to find your wedding location
    6. How to plan a destination wedding
    7. Weddings on a budget
    8. Dealing with wedding family drama

11. Food

    1. How to cook the basics (then advanced techniques)
    2. Dishes from certain countries / geographic areas
    3. How to meal plan / prep

12. Photography / Videography

    1. How to use a gopro
    2. Filmmaking with basic equipment
    3. Storytelling
    4. Basic cinematography knowledge / skills
    5. How to break into Hollywood filmmaking
    6. How to do content batching
    7. Creating photos / video for social media

13. Travel

    1. How to travel abroad (visas, passports, etc)
    2. Information about destinations
    3. Safety abroad
    4. How to plan a trip
    5. Budget planning
    6. How to “travel hack” / master the airline points system with credit cards
    7. How to move abroad / get a job abroad legally

14. Career

    1. How to find a job online with LinkedIn, Indeed, etc
    2. Resume / CV writing
    3. Interviewing skills
    4. Career coaching for professionals
    5. How to get promotions
    6. How to prepare for a specific license exam
    7. How to resign from a job properly
    8. How to get into a particular career path (e.g. how to break into acting, modeling, etc)
      1. Best schools to go to, degrees to get, things to study, credential to earn, etc if you want a particular career

15. Real Estate

    1. Buying your first house
    2. Flipping houses
    3. Basic home maintenance / repair
    4. Investing in your first rental property
    5. How to hire and handle contractors
    6. How to become a realtor
      1. How to sell more houses

16. Car Repair

    1. Basic repairs anyone should know
    2. What goes in your emergency kit
    3. Basic diagnosis
    4. How to not get ripped off by your mechanic
    5. How to fix up old / classic cars

17. Music

    1. How to play an instrument
    2. How to compose
    3. How to sell your music online
    4. How to get a record deal
    5. How to record your first song / album
    6. How to find / hire an agent

18. Religion

    1. Daily devotionals
    2. How to “defend” your religion
    3. How to convert someone to Catholicism

19. Parenting / Having Children

    1. Dealing with an empty nest
    2. Choosing the right school
    3. How to have hard talks with your kid
    4. What to do when your kid is rebelling
    5. Fertility / Getting pregnant
    6. “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”
    7. How to prep for labor / what you need to know about the birthing process
    8. Breastfeeding / What New Moms Need to Know

20. Fashion / Design

    1. How to put an outfit together
    2. How to design a capsule wardrobe
    3. How to sew
    4. How to do basic sewing repairs (e.g. buttons)
    5. How to accessorize

Here Are More Ideas On Lead Magnets, Products, and More…

Add-ons (like brushes or presets for apps like Photoshop or Procreate)
Apps (games, productivity, tracking, recipe, meditation, goals, shopping, for kids, etc.)
Art Lessons
Art on Print on Demand Sites like RedBubble, Society6, etc.
Art, Printable or Printed/Fulfilled by Printful
Audio Files
Audiobooks (Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks)
Baby Shower Games, Signs, Gender Reveals, etc., printable
Blueprints and Plans
Books, self-published
Bridal Shower Games, Signs, etc., printable
Cake/Cupcake Toppers, printable
Calendars, editable / printable PDF
Cards, printable (thank you, gift, holiday, invitations, wedding, party, etc.)
Cheat Sheets
Chore Charts, printable
Chrome Extensions/Apps
Classroom Lesson Plans (by grade or subject)
Clip Art
Coloring Books/Pages, printable or with CreateSpace
Cookbooks, ebook, Kindle or Blurb
Copywriting Templates
Coupon Books, printable
Craft Patterns and/or Tutorials
Creative Prompts
Crochet Patterns and/or Tutorials
Décor, printable
Die Cuts
DIY Printables, Patterns or Tutorials
eBook Templates
eBooks (if you’re new to ebooks, you might want to use Blurb to create one.)
Editable Blog Planners
Editable Spreadsheets
Editable Templates (brochures, business cards, marketing materials)
Editable Worksheets
Email Courses
Email Funnel Templates
Envelope Liners, printable
Envelopes, printable
Ephemera, printable
Family Tree, printable
Fine Art Photography, printable, in book format with Blurb, or printed via Printful
Food Labels, printable
Funeral Program Templates, printable
Gift Tags, printable
Goal Trackers
Graphics (sold on sites like Creative Market or Etsy)
Grocery List, printable
Guided Visualizations
Habit Trackers
Homeschool Planners
Illustrated Icons
Illustrations, printable or fulfilled/printed by Printful
Iron-on Transfers, printable
Journal Ideas
Journal Kits
Keyword Planners
Kindle Books
Knitting Patterns
Lessons (music, language, etc.)
Life Planners
Lightroom/Photoshop Presets
Masks, printable
Meal Planners
Meal Plans
Membership Sites
Monthly e-Magazines
Moving Kits
Music (albums, ringtones, and royalty free music for classes, YouTube videos, etc.)
Music Lessons
Name Art, printable
Nursery Art, printable or fulfilled by Printful
Office Signs, printable
Online Courses
Organizational Tools
Paid Email Newsletters
Pantry Labels, printable
Planners and Accessories (stickers, bookmarks, etc.)
Poetry Books
PowerPoint Templates
Pregnancy Announcement, printable
Printable Art
Printable Gifts
Printable Paper Dolls
Printable Scrapbook Papers and Patterns
Printable Soap Labels
Printable Vintage Art
Quote Art (for homes, kids, schools, teachers, nurseries, newlyweds, graduates, moms, dads, bedrooms, etc.)
Recipe Cards
Resume Templates
Retirement Banners, printable
Sewing Patterns
Shopping Lists for Meal Prep/Recipes
Social Media Planners
Social Media Templates
Social Media Tutorials
Software as a Service
Songwriting eCourses
Stationery, printable or fulfilled by Printful
Stock Photography
Teacher Planners
To Do Lists, printable / editable
Travel Guides
Vector Images
Video Tutorials
Videos (stock video)
Website Templates
Wedding Planner
Wedding Printables (table signs, banners, napkin rings, name tags, place settings, hashtag signs, save the date, seating charts, etc.)
WordPress Plugins
WordPress Themes
Zodiac Sign Art, printable or fulfilled by Printful

Why Should You Create a Digital Product?

Selling your own digital products is the best way to generate passive income online.

I remember it took me over 3 years to launch my first digital product. And now 3 years after creating my first one, I have 5 products that I sell and about to launch one for my blog Blogging With Funnels.

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