ClickFunnels For Online Personal Trainers: Use This Free Sales Funnel To Get More Personal Training Clients

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The online personal training industry is BOOMING!

And for good reason, why limit yourself to a few thousand people in your area, when you can train, educate, and interact with MILLIONS of people across the world.

As a past online personal trainer and current digital product seller, I’ve had clients from many countries and customers from over 15 different COUNTRIES.

If you’re a personal trainer and are considering jumping into the online personal training world, then ClickFunnels is the best place to start!

What Is ClickFunnels and How Can You Use It In Your Online Personal Training Business

ClickFunnels changed my world…ALL for the better.

I used to be a one on one personal trainer. Trading time for dollars.

Then I opened my first gym in 2014, STILL trading time for dollars, only now with more overhead!

I always had a dream of having my entire business online, ya know the elusive “freedom business/lifestyle.”

I discovered ClickFunnels while I still had my gym.

So I figured I guess I’ll sign up for ClickFunnels so I can use it for my gym AND slowly grow my online empire.

I successfully used ClickFunnels to grow my boot camp to over 100 members paying $99/month and every 3 months I ran a 6-Week Fat Loss Challenge that resulted in an extra $3000-$6000 in revenue.

I was hooked, BUT I still wasn’t happy with my gym.

So, in May of 2016 I decided to shut down my gym and go full-time online.

I didn’t have much money saved with a new home, new kid, and some debt from my gym.

I knew I had to go ALL IN with my online business to make it work.

The first few months I only made a couple thousand dollars and I was working my butt off!

I ALMOST cancelled my ClickFunnels account multiple times and even had to use a different credit card a few times to keep my subscription active.

Then, finally I had a BREAKTHROUGH…

I made over $6,000 in one month with very little business overhead.

Now I consistently bring in over $10,000/month and even made $24,000 in one month in 2018.

All selling online digital programs in the fitness and weight loss space.

How I Use ClickFunnels To Sell Online Fitness Programs

My process is fairly simple when it comes to selling digital programs.

I write a piece of content on my blog, send people to a sales page or landing page, and either get their email or make a sale, then provide what I promised.

To date, I’ve create 4 digital programs this way, with the 5th launching next week. By the end of 2019 I’m planning having about 10 digital programs selling on autopilot!

Even if I just make ONE sale per day of each program, that’s over $300/day.

If you’re reading this article YOU have an idea of what kind of digital program to create.

Start with a BIG niche, then a sub-niche, then a sub-sub niche. Let’s do a couple of examples…

Health -> Back Pain -> Back Pain for Crossfitters

Weight Loss -> Keto -> Keto For Menopausal Women

You get the idea?

From there you can map out 3-4 pieces of high quality content (articles or videos), whip up a sales page inside of ClickFunnels, then start sending traffic.

Before you know it, you’ll be making sales in your sleep.

Waking up to sales you made overnight is one of the best feelings in the world.

It’s almost as good as making sales while you’re playing with your kids or on a date with your wife/significant other.

Free Online Personal Training Sales Funnel

If you want the funnel I personally have used to make over $250,000 in 2 years, then you can click here or the image below:

If you’d rather have a funnel to offer more custom, one-on-one online personal training then click here or the image below:

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  1. Could you tell me more about how this works please? I am not tech savvy but really want to get away from in person training.