Blog Income Report September 2018 – How I Made $14,565 Blogging

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In this income report, I’m going to share how I made $14,565 with my blogs during the month of September 2018.

Bur first….

Why I Share My Income

I know, ANOTHER income report.

I share my income and blogging experiences for two reasons:

1.) When I read income reports, I’m inspired and motivated. Whether it’s reading an income report from someone making and doing more than I am OR reading about someone having their first $1000/month.

2.) It helps keep me in check and growing as a blogger and business owner. I’ve never really been a #’s guy, but I know it’s important to track your business numbers.

Ever since my very first month in business, I’ve enjoyed reading income reports. It kept me going when I was struggling to make my first $100 online and kept me motivated to now consistently making over $15,000/month.

My goal with these income reports is to give you guys a super realistic look into what type of income and expenses you can expect from running a money making blog. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two and maybe you can teach me something I don’t know in the comment section!

Let’s do this!

September 2018 Expenses

ClickFunnels – $97 (here’s why I use ClickFunnels)

GetResponse – $250 (here’s why I use Getresponse)

Transaction Fees – $300ish

Dropbox – $9.95 ( I use this for storage, but I’m in desperate need of a better solution)

Microsoft Office – $7.95

Tailwind – $14.99 (here’s why I use Tailwind)

Leadquizzes – $12.00 (here’s why I use Leadquizzes)

WPX Hosting –  $99 (here’s why I use WPX Hosting) and (here’s why I started with Bluehost)

GoDaddy – $0

Books and Courses – $0 (Usually I buy at least course per month, but I didn’t this month, I bought my wife a car instead!)

Socialastic (Social Warfare Plugin) – $20.00

Samcart – $99 (here’s why I use Samcart)

Upwork – $295.78

Google G-Suite (3 email addresses) – $15.75

Pinterest Management – $150 (I hired someone to manage one of my Pinterest accounts this month in an effort to grow my Pinterest traffic. I’m really excited about this, more on this below)

Total Expenses = $1272.42

September 2018 Income

Upgraded Health Digital Products – $9543.00

Ketogenic30 Digital Products – $174.00

Clickbank (my product) – $1,999.48

Clickbank (affiliate products) – $161.64

ClickFunnels – $2,001.21 (here’s why I LOVE ClickFunnels affiliate program)

Amazon Associates – $379.80

Amazon Kindle – $18.00

Google Adsense – $102.95 (this ad revenue is from my Youtube channel)

Total Income = $14992.00

Net Profit = $13,719.58

September 2018 Stats and Analytics

In this section, I’m sharing my websites traffic for the month, current email subscriber count, current Youtube subscriber count, and Pinterest Followers.

These are my most important metrics as they produce the majority of my earnings. My goal is, of course, to see these increase every month.

For my Blogging With Funnels blog (this one), I’ll also share my ClickFunnels Dream Car count. I share alot of information about ClickFunnels throughout my blog (you can read my review here). If you want to learn more about ClickFunnels affiliate program and how to win your dream car click here to read why I LOVE ClickFunnels affiliate program.

Upgraded Health

Traffic – 193,300 Users

Current Email Subscribers – 26,663

Pinterest Followers – 2,315

Youtube Subscribers – 7,671

Blogging With Funnels

Traffic – 2,354 Users

Current Email Subscribers – 420

Pinterest Followers – 712

Youtube Subscribers – 36

ClickFunnels Dream Car – 32


Traffic – 471 Users

Current Email Subscribers – 7

Pinterest Followers – 24

Epic Content I Shared In September On Blogging With Funnels

Learn How I’ve Made $150,000 (And Counting) From One Blog Post And How You Can Too

12 Google Adsense Alternatives To Make Money From Your Blog

11 Little-Known Tips For Bloggers Who Want To Profit

9 Quick and Easy Ways to Get More People In Your Facebook Group

14 Ways To Get More Instagram Followers in 2019

How To Start A Blog In 28 Minutes Or Less

How To Start A Blog Fast and Start Making Money Right Away

Things I’m Working On Next Month

I have 3 blogs that I’m working on, although this one is taking up the majority of my energy and time. So, I’ll give you an idea of what my big focuses are for October 2018.

Upgraded Health – Growing my Pinterest page, which is why I hired my first Pinterest manager to help me do this. I’ll also be cleaning up my website, email list, and brainstorming my next digital product. My goal is to launch one more digital product for this blog before the end of the year, maybe 2!

Again, digital products have completely changed my life and business. I went from $0 to $10,000+/months in less than 1 year, when my first digital product took off.

Blogging With Funnels – My main focus for this blog will be sharing awesome content in the “how to make money blogging space.” I know it’s been beaten to death, but I’ll try to put a unique twist to it. I’ll also be brainstorming my first digital product for bloggers interested in making money online.

Ketogenic30 – I’ll be launching my newest digital product in the health and weight loss niche, called Ketogenic30. I have a really unique and simple process for creating and launching digital products, especially in this niche. 2 programs I’ve created in the last 3 years have generated over $100,000 each and I expect this one to be even BIGGER.

Did I mention I LOVE digital products? 😉

Blogging In September Takeaways

In September I went NUTS with posting content for this blog. I posted 21 new blog posts for this blog and about 3 for my Upgraded Health blog. I really wanted to get motivated again as I was feeling a little stagnant with my business

I really struggle with anxiety, which is triggered by feeling I NEVER work enough. I blame comparison. I make the mistake of hopping on Facebook while waiting to pick up my 2 little girls and see everyone else “hustling” while I’m NOT WORKING.

It really sucks for my family, because it’s hard for me to be present with them. I’m working HARD on redirecting those anxiety-causing internal stories.

The good news is, my crazy content month did excite me again and that’s why I’m starting my income reports again.

I’m pumped to grow my blog Blogging With Funnels to $10,000/month by the end of the year. That’s my goal!

FREE BONUS: The Perfect Blog Post Blueprint


It took me 5 years and 400 blog posts to figure out there is a specific formula for creating epic, money-making blog posts.

In fact, 2 blog posts have generated over $100,000 EACH and another one is headed for $25,000 by the end of the year. Others have helped me create $1,500/month in passive income.

If you want to learn what my formula is for a money making “perfect” blog post from start to publish, then click the link below and I’ll send it over!

A Simple Approach To Blogging: Drive Traffic, Get Leads, Make Sales, and Have Fun Doing It

Here’s What I Learned And What You Should Know About

Even though I’ve known about passive income for a long time, I didn’t really “get it” until last month. I had the epiphany watching my friend’s Spencer Mecham’s “Quit the 9-5 Webinar.” More about him in this month’s recommendation.

Passive income is the ultimate FREEDOM income. Making money while traveling, in your sleep, while you’re playing with your kids, while everyone else is WORKING for a living, you’re LIVING.

My big focus for the rest of the year, aside from creating more content and digital products, will be to find more passive income opportunities.

For example, if I didn’t sell ONE digital product next month in October I would FOR SURE make about $3,500 from passive income. It’s not much, but it’s awesome to fall back on that extra money in case something happens.

By the end of 2019 (next year) my goal, you’re hearing it here first, is to have $10,000/month in passive income. Here are some of the passive income opportunities I’ll be promoting to make that happen.

Recommendation Of The Month- Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0

When I first started following Spencer he was just getting started, then all of a sudden he had made $1,000,000 promoting ClickFunnels, a software I use and also promote.

ONE MILLION bucks in less than a year, I was SOLD.

Spencer has a way of simplifying affiliate marketing and since following his advice I’ve generated over $12,000 promoting ClickFunnels with ZERO ad spend.

Spencer has also helped almost 10 other people win a Dream Car from ClickFunnels, as ClickFunnels pays you $500/month for referring just 100 people to their software and $1000/month for 200 people.

It’s pretty incredible. As of writing this, I have referred 35 people to ClickFunnels and I hope to have my $500/month dream car payment by the end of this year.

And I could NOT have done it without Spencer’s help.

If you’re SERIOUS about making money promoting other people’s programs and start generating passive income,[eafl id=”2237″ name=”Affiliate Secrets” text=” then watch this video.”]

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