Blog Income Report May 2017 – How I Made $5,429.51 Blogging

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Yay Consistency! This is my 3rd income report since starting Blogging With Funnels and I’m super excited to share my wins and losses I had in May.

It’s so awesome that we can share and be transparent in the blogging world to support, inspire, and motivate each other. It pumps me up when I see people making a full-time living online, especially blogging about what you’re passionate about.

Turning you passion into PROFIT!

Alright, let’s take a look at the numbers.

May Revenues For Upgraded Health

Digital Products: $5106.00

Amazon Associates: $25.33

Amazon Kindle Books: $125.95

Affiliate Products: $172.23 (Clickbank)

Total: $5429.51

April Revenues For Blogging With Funnels



BUT, I’m staying positive, because I always play for the long-game and I know my first $1 is right around the corner.

April Expenses

Credit Card Processing Fees (on products sold): $137

ClickFunnels (Websites): $97 (See my full review on ClickFunnels)

SamCart: $97 (Try Samcart)

Getresponse (Emails): $67 (Try Getresponse)

Hosting: $25 (Try Bluehost)

Advertising: $550

Total: $973.00


Content I Shared In April On BWF:

Why Bloggers Are Ditching Their Websites For Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels Review

99 (KILLER) Blog Headlines You Can Use IMMEDIATELY To 10X Your Blog Traffic…

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Here’s What I Learned And What You Should Know About:

In May, I tested out ads from Media.Net, but I was VERY unimpressed. My gut has always told me to stay from ads, because after all ads on websites annoy me, so why would I think this is a good thing to have on my website.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have ads and I’m not saying that I won’t try again. If I ever hit 1 million visits a month, I might reconsider. I’m averaging 150K/month right now and I only made about $10/day when I had ads for 3 days. That’s not worth it to me.

Value – Value always wins with your audience.

Blog Titles Are Important – I shared an awesome article on my website “How To Lose Weight If You Weigh 200 Lbs Or More” and it did pretty well making about $750 over 2 days of buying traffic.

I changed the title of same article to “How To Quickly and Easily Lose 50 Pounds Or More” and I made over $1250 in 2 days from the same traffic source, Facebook.

Tweak your titles. People share headlines, not articles.

Click HERE to Download 99 Killer Blog Headlines

Things I’m Working In June:

Blogging With Funnels

Content – My main focus in June will be Youtube videos. I have about 40 videos planned for June helping people with ClickFunnels, lead generation, Facebook Ads, Sales Funnels, and online marketing in general. I’m also going to be heavily investing in growing my Blogging With Funnels Facebook Group. My plan is to shoot screenshot videos sharing landing pages, sales funnels, and other little blogging hacks that help me monetize my online businesses.

Facebook Ads – I’m planning on running a few Facebook ads promoting ClickFunnels since they have such an awesome affiliate program.

Funnels and Facebook Ads For Online Entrepreneurs – My goal is to finish my new course by the end of June and start selling it for $197 in July.

Lead Magnets – I finished 3 lead magnets in May for Marketing/Blogging With Funnels and my goal is to do 3 more.

Upgraded Health

Content – As always, I’m going to publish at least 8 high-quality articles.

Shooting More Videos – Like I mentioned above, I’m still going to be creating written content, like this on both of my blogs, BUT I’m also going to be shooting more videos and sharing them inside my articles, Facebook pages, Pinterest pages, and Youtube.

Video is getting more Facebook love these days and it really boosts your KLT Factor (Know-Like-Trust), especially in my main market (health and weight loss) it’s important that people see your face.

Not to mention if you’re selling products, if people see your face, they are less likely to feel you are scamming them.

Webinar – Webinars are all the rage right now, especially in the High-Ticket Coaching community. I’m planning on launching a webinar selling a $97 program, with possibly a one-on-one coaching component. I guess we’ll find out in next month’s income report!

Blogging In May Takeaways

Blogging and running your own business definitely has its ups and downs. When I quit my job in May 2016 (almost 1 year ago), I was SCARED.

I was only making ends meat for a few months and I started questioning this whole “make money online” nonsense. Then something amazing happened.

One of my articles went viral and I made over $11,000 in October, 2016. It was AMAZING. I felt like all of my hard work had paid off.

BUT, the windfall died off and I was back to hustling and working hard to keep the money flowing in. Since October I’ve averaged $4500/month, so things are going pretty well.

Just remember, eventually you’ll have a breakthrough! Just keep working hard, continue to share value, and keep your passion fueled.

Your time will come!

Book Recommendation Of The Month:  Expert Secrets By Russell Brunson

I wrote a review of Expert Secrets here: Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson Book Review, because his first book Dot Com Secrets completely changed by online business. I was struggling to sell a few products a month before I read that book and now this new book will probably double or triple my business in the net couple of months.

Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels, my favorite online marketing software. I create all of my landing pages, opt-ins, sales pages, and everything in between with Clickfunnels and I can make most sites in less than 30 minutes. It’s pretty amazing. If you couldn’t tell I’m a HUGE, die hard ClickFunnels fan and you can try it out for 14-Days FREE here.

Make sure to grab a copy of Russell’s book Expert Secrets and we can compare notes!

What are YOU working on this coming May? Anything I can help with? Ask in the comment of I’d love to meet you inside my Facebook Group: Blogging With Funnels

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