99 (KILLER) Blog Headlines To 10X Your Blog Traffic

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People share headlines, not articles.

This was one of the most important concepts I learned over the past 8 years of consistent blogging. I used to pour my heart and soul into an article, then just slap a headline on it and cross my fingers.

Then I realized people can’t get the benefit of my article if they aren’t intrigued by the headline, so I invested much more time in coming up with the “perfect headline.”

Now over 500+ written blogs and articles I want to share 99 of the best headlines I’ve used or have seen other successful bloggers use.

Alright Here Are 99 Of The Best Blog Headlines:

  1. How To [Blank]
  2. How To Be [Something People Want To Be]
  3. How To [Blank] Even If [Some Struggle Your Audience Has]
  4. How To [Do Something Cool] While You [Do Something Else]
  5. How to [Blank] In 10 Minutes
  6. 99 [Blank] Hacks
  7. Learn The Secrets of [Famous Person or Group of People]
  8. [Celebrity] Top 10 Tips For [Blank]
  9. What [Blank] Can Teach Us About [Blank]
  10. 7 Lies [Group of People Opposite Your Philosophy] Like To Tell
  11. 4 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your [Blank]
  12. 13 Things [Someone, usually your niche] Won’t Tell You
  13. [Blank] Is Dead
  14. The Shocking Truth About [Blank/A Subject Your Passionate About]
  15. Watch What Happens When You Do [Blank]
  16. [Your Audience] Warning: The New [Blank] Scam To Avoid
  17. How To Take Charge Of Your [Problem Your Audience Has]
  18. 12 Shortcuts For [Completing or Doing Something] In Record Time
  19. Get Rid Of [Recurring problem your audience has] Once And For All
  20. How To Be Smart In A World Of Dumb [Group You market too]
  21. 9 Steps To [Blank]
  22. The Ultimate Guide To [Blank]
  23. 7 Shocking Reasons [Blank]
  24. The 3 Laws of [Blank]
  25. Turbocharge Your [Blank] With This List of 52 [Blank]
  26. Get [Blank]! 9 Ideas That Really Work To [Blank]
  27. 10 Ways To [Do Something] (#3 Transformed My [Blank])
  28. 8 [Your subject or topic] Secrets Every [Your market] Should Know
  29. How Safe Is Your [Something of Value] From [Common Threat]?
  30. Can You Really Trust [Something your audience uses]?
  31. 10 Warning Signs That [Blank]
  32. The Real Reason Your [Blank] Isn’t Working
  33. Love [Your Topic]? These [Blank] Will Blow Your Mind
  34. The Art Of [Topic your audience need help with]
  35. How To Put An End To [Problem Your Audience Has]
  36. 10 [Blank] Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb
  37. How To [Do Something Cool] That Your [Audience] Will Love
  38. How To Earn [Amount of Money] In [Time Frame]
  39. Finally, A Quick and Easy Way To [Blank]
  40. Notice: Before You Start [Repeating Bad Habit] Read This
  41. By Combining These [#] Methods, [Someone/You] Was Able To [Accomplish Something Cool]
  42. [Some Problem Your Audience Has That You Have The Solution For]? Try [Solution]!
  43. Exciting New [Thing/Course/Method You Created] Will Show You EXACTLY How To Create Massive Results
  44. 9 [People Like You Or People Who Have Had Results] Reveal Their Ultimate Secrets For [Accomplishing Desired Result]
  45. [Blank] Works Miracles On [Audience]
  46. Famous [City or Country] [Person[ Finally Reveals His One True Secret To Massive Success In [Niche]
  47. How To [Achieve Something] In The [Niche]… A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners
  48. Never [Do Bad Habit] Again… See Our Simple [Your Product or Service] Solution
  49. [Problem Your Audience is Dealing With]? Try These Tips Today! Fight Against [Problem] Starting Today!
  50. FACT: Over 50% of today’s [your niche] advice is wrong and obsolete! Find out the truth!
  51. Easy Does It: Cheap & Simple Ways To Solve Common [Problems Your Audience Has]
  52. How To Start and Promote Virtually Any Business, Product or Service On The Internet
  53. Use These 15 [Things Your Audience Needs] To Bring You [Desired Result]!
  54. How To Quickly & Easily Get [Desired Result]… 100% Guaranteed!
  55. Attention [Audience]: What would it take to make [Year] your best year ever? Would an extra [Amount of Money or Result] Help?
  56. Thinking About [Achieving Desired Result]? Do These 7 Things Starting Today and See What Happens!
  57. How To [Desired Result]! Keys to taking control, [Blank], and [Blank]
  58. 30 Days To A [Desired Result]
  59. 6 Reasons Why 98% Of {Audience} Fails… And How The [Product or Service] Helps You [Achieve Desired Result] And Reduce [Problem]
  60. Are You Still Wasting Money On [Blank] And [Blank] With Little Or No Results? Here’s What To Do Instead
  61. Best-Kept Secret In [Your Niche] Revealed
  62. The Real True Secret To Success In [Your Niche]
  63. [Desired Result] Without [Something Your Audience Things They Can’t Do] While [Doing Something Your Audience Wishes They Could Do And Still Have Success]
  64. The Art Of [Doing Something] Guarantees To Make You A Better [Blank]
  65. 24 Techniques For [Accomplishing Desired Result]
  66. For [Your Audience] ONLY…Use The [Name of your product/method/service] To Achieve [Desired Result]
  67. This May Be The Most Important [Blank] Ever Published About [Topic]
  68. What [Competitors] Don’t Tell You About [Topic]
  69. 3 Easy Steps Guarantee Perfect [Blank] Every Single Time
  70. How I Improved My [Result] In One Evening
  71. Who Else Wants A [Desired Result]?
  72. How A New Kind Of [Something] Improved My [Problem] In 30 Minutes
  73. Six Types Of [Your Niche]—Which Group Are YOU In?
  74. Here’s A Quick Way To [Fix A Problem]
  75. 12 [Blank] You Must Not Ignore
  76. The Three Little-Known Secrets To [Desired Result]
  77. How To [Fix Something] In 10 Minutes
  78. Revealed…A 20-Year Old Secret To [Fixing A Problem Your Audience Has]
  79. Learn To [Blank] Type In 1 Hour Or Less: Learn The Basics In 3 Short Steps
  80. Is Your [Blank] Safe Against [Blank]? Take This Test To Find Out
  81. How To Solve All Your [Blank], [Blank], and [Blank] Problems, Fast & Forever
  82. Here Are The Exact Ingredients For A [Blank] System of Your Own
  83. How To Make Maximum [Blank] In Minimum Time!
  84. An Amazing Secret That Can Make Your [Blank] 100% More [Blank]
  85. What’s The Key Secret To [Desired Result] by 75%?
  86. Solve All Your [Blank] Problems Forever! (With absolutely no work whatsoever)
  87. The Shocking Truth About Becoming A [Person Your Audience Wants To Become]
  88. 50 Idiot-Proof Ways To [Desired Result]
  89. Free Video Reveals 11-New Ways To [Blank]… Even During a [Hard-Time Your Audience Goes Through]
  90. How I Was Able To [Desired Result] In Only 2 Days—And How You Can Do The Same
  91. 9 Steps To [Blank] Success. What to do…and how to do it
  92. 9 [Blank] Experts Reveal Their Ultimate Secrets For [Desired Result] With [Blank]
  93. How You Can Make [$] A Year as a Successful [Your Audience]
  94. What If You Could Master The Tools Of [Blank] In One Unforgettable Day?
  95. The Absolute Easiest Way To [Desired Result]– In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day
  96. The #1 [Service/Product/Method]! Fixes [Blank] in [Amount of Time]
  97. Killer Ideas – Make A Splash With These [Blank] Strategies
  98. Yes You Can Have A [Desired Result]… Even If You Don’t Like [Doing Something Your Audience Doesn’t Want To Do]
  99. Create Your Own [Result] From Scratch

Blog Headlines That Have Made Me Money

Since I’ve been a full-time online entrepreneur, I’ve had 3 blog posts that made me over $100,000 each and many more that have made me $25,000, $10,000, and others that make $10/day.

It’s all the best type of income, passive.

I write a blog post (with a great blog headline), then practically forget about it and it makes money while I sleep, travel, play, read, or hang out with my family.

Don’t you want that also?

Isn’t that one of the reasons you started a blog in the first place?


Here are a few of the actual blog titles/headlines that have made me the most money:

1.) How To Lose 50 Pounds Or More On A Ketogenic Diet

This is a classic “How To” blog headline and post. In this post I give the exact formula for losing weight on a keto diet, THEN at the end of the post, I say “if you like this article” you’ll LOVE my ketogenic diet program that provides you with everything you need to lose weight.

This article has helped sell well over $150,000 in digital programs.

2.) 7-Day Ketogenic Diet Menu For Beginners

This is an example of a “X-Day” headline, with a specified day and I’m speaking to beginners, people just getting into a keto diet.

You could easily tailor this to your niche:

  • 7-Day Photography Ecourse for beginners
  • 7-Day Buyer email sequence for real estate
  • 14-Day Workout Program For New Moms

The possibilities are endless.

3.) ClickFunnels Review 2019: How I Made Over $170,000 Using ClickFunnels On My Blog

This is one of my favorite articles, since I discuss my favorite software, ClickFunnels.

The headline is a review based article with a promise to show how I made a specific amount of money using a specific thing.

Review articles are great for SEO and social media marketing, because everyone wants to see how something has helped you in your business, body, health, wealth, etc…

You can review cameras, fitness equipment, coffee, whatever….

4.) 11 Ketogenic Killers Keeping You Overweight

Recognize the word “killer?” Sure, it’s a bit “shocking” but it works, because you need to have “pattern interrupts” when it comes to your blog posts.

That’s a bonus tip: People need to be interrupted from their day to day life.

We are all swiping away with a million distractions, so remember that next time you’re coming up with your next blog post and headline.

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