8 Online Apps to Make Money Fast

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It’s true: it’s possible to earn some serious passive income using these apps in 2019.

Stick around to the end of the post to find the 8 strategies to start making you money by the end of the day. 

Get paid for buying your groceries with Ibotta. 

How many times have you walked into the grocery store for a dozen egg, only to check out with $100 worth of groceries later?  Every week 🙋

This app will give you cash back on stuff you purchase anyway, like groceries.  No buyers remorse here—this app is legit!

Here’s how it works:

Just download the Ibotta app, buy products at any participating stores, and take pictures of your receipts.  Start collecting cash for your purchases directly to your Paypal account. Tell your friends to sign up and get an extra five bucks per referral (and $10 for your friend). 

Click here to start earning money with Ibotta.

Get paid to shop with Rakuten.

You may have heard about Ebates (now Rakuten) at this point.  Probably because there tons of people earning back some serious cheese for their online purchases.  The best part about this app is that it’s free, crazy easy to use, and requires no extra time to collect extra money for online shopping.  All you’ll need to do is enter the online store from the Rakuten app and return anywhere from 2%-30% of your purchase from Rakuten. I like to use the Rakuten browser extension for a simplified shopping experience.  I used this app last holiday season and made over $300 bucks back. It’s seriously THAT easy. 

Join today and get $10 as a welcome bonus with your first purchase, and another $25 for each friend you refer!

Click here to start making money with Rakuten.

Get paid just for having the app with Nielsen Research.

Download the app to your device.  In fact, download it to all your devices to collect $50 per device… just for having it. 

Now that’s what I call passive income!

Click here to start earning money with Nielsen Research.

Get paid for sharing your downtime with Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is app that lets you earn rewards points for taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, using the Swagbucks search engine, and shopping online.  How about getting paid for something you do (and enjoy doing) anyway?  Doesn’t get much better than that!  

The best way to cash in on the Swagbucks app is to look for ways fit this app into your daily life and down time.  If you love to shop online, Swagbucks shopping is similar to Ebates, now Rakuten. They receive a small commission on your online purchases, part of which they pass along to you.  If you like to spend your evenings watching mindless TV, consider answering some survey questions between commercials. Or just download the Swagbutton to earn rewards for your web searches. 

It’s not exactly get-rich-quick app, but it’s an easy way to stop wasting and actually monetize your downtime. 

Click here to get started earning money with Swagbucks. 

Earn interest on your spare change with Worthy.

With little upfront cash, no investment experience, and no time to spare you can earn interest for supporting small businesses.  

Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy bonds from Worthy (minimum $10 investment)
  2. Worth loans money from Bond sales
  3. Businesses repay loan to Worthy with interest
  4. Investment returned to bond buyers plus 5% interest

Rest assured you can withdraw your cash anytime!  It is worth noting the bonds are not FDIC insured so with that risk the 5% yield is much higher than the current savings account and bank yields.  Buy bonds in $10 increments or round up spare change on your purchases to invest.  

If you are looking for automated investments, you don’t want to pay fees, you’re just getting started with investing, and you want to support small businesses, this is an easy app to earn interest on your loose change.  

Get paid for walking into stores with Shopkick. 

How about an app that pays you to simply walk into their store?  That’s right you don’t even have to buy anything to earn money with the Shopkick app.  They are known for giving you free gift cards for just walking into stores and scanning barcodes.  Not the mall walker type? You can earn point for online purchases too!

Here are some tips to earn Shopkick points faster:

-Use the referral system!  

-Scan some extra items while you’re at it.  This is an easy way to score a few hundred “kicks”.

-Look for the “Scan Any Item” option for extra kicks. 

– Make sure you have the app turned on before you enter a store to make sure you get those walk-in kicks!

-Watch short videos on the ShopKick app (Discover icon at the bottom) for extra kicks.  

Get paid to buy gas with GetUpside. 

If you’re like me, and gas is one of those things you hate paying for, this apps for you!

Submit your gas station receipts and watch the money roll in!  Sign up for GetUpside using this link, and get a sign up bonus of 20 cents/gallon on your first tank.    Great new GetUpside now supports cash back on gas AND food!

Get paid to play slots with LongGame.

Long game is a free personal finance app that rewards you for setting aside money in your savings account.  The more you set aside in your account, the more games you can unlock to earn the chance of multiplying your savings.  While you do have to “pay to play” by depositing money in the app, it does actually collect any fees and you can withdraw your money any time.  I was very confused by the concept at first. My question was, how do THEY make money then? LongGame earns interest on money you deposit which is used to pay out winnings.  So basically, it’s fun of gambling without the risk.   

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