70 Blog Post Ideas From 6 High Paying Niches

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Blog post ideas are sometimes hard to come by, but if you’re in the following niches you can find a few ideas to start writing now:

  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • Moms
  • Health and Fitness
  • Cooking
  • Fashion

70+ Blog Post Ideas In 6 High Paying Niches

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Best makeup products at _____(Target, Amazon, etc.)
My Holy Grail Makeup Products
Holiday gift guide for makeup Lovers
Birthday gifts for Makeup Lovers (or Skincare Lovers)
How to get rid of makeup you don’t want anymore
The Best Ever solution for _____ skin
My Skincare Routine
How to create the perfect _____makeup look
The Secret to _____ skin
Makeup tips & tricks

Travel Blog Post Ideas:

Travel tips that will change everything!
Travel tips every Travel blogger should know
Traveling with family tips & tricks
What I wish I knew before starting my Travel Blog
Travel bag essentials
What I learned from traveling abroad
5 things I wish I knew about travel to _____
The most amazing trip ive ever tried
How to make money as a travel blogger
The top 5 game changing ways to travel on a budget

Mom Blog

5 steps to turn any _______ mistake around
Whats In My ________ for my (kids, baby, family)
The Best _____ Brands for (kids, babies)
The Best mommy blogs to follow
The Ultimate list of mom resources
The truth about ______
Is ______ worth it?
5 Easy Fixes for _______
10 Creative Ways to keep your family entertained
Save time and money with these ______ tips!

Health and Fitness:

The one tip that changed my healthy journey
10 minutes _____ routine
30 minutes _____ routine
The best _____ workout hacks
I tried _____ so you wont have to
5 things you can do to make _____ easier!
The Do’s and Don’t’s of _____
The Ultimate Guide to _____
The no fuss way to _____
The best way to workout on vacation


The (cooking, baking) Checklist
5 big mistakes I made cooking _____
How to avoid _____
5 reasons to start using _____
5 things you should do before _____
_____ dupes that work just as well, if not better
Why its ok to _____
This or That Comparison Review
The step by step guide to _____
_____ products Im loving this month


My capsule wardrobe
Classic work wear ideas
How to look chic on a budget
Staple pieces everyone should have in their closet
How do define your style
Travel wardrobe ideas
Perfect fashion gifts for birthdays
Seasonal fashion ideas (ie. Spring, Winter, etc.)
My favorite clothing brands
How to buy luxury fashion for cheap

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