21 Online Jobs That Pay $20/Hour Or More

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Are you looking for more flexibility in your work schedule and find yourself intrigued by the option of building a home-based business?  Maybe you’re a stay at home mom looking to earn some extra money or, unfortunately, you just got laid off?   Regardless of your situation, including your work experience, education background, and the number of hours you are available to commit, there are options for online work.

Read through the end of this article and I guarantee you will walk away with ideas for online jobs that pay $20 per hour or more.


This site pays you for your time usability testing. What is usability testing you say?

Usability testing is a way that platform creators can evaluate a product by testing it on others.   The user’s experience, usability practice, provides useful and direct input on how people will actually use the system (and help drive design improvements).

There are plenty of user testing sites out there, but this is a good one.  First of all, know that you do not need to have experience user testing.  You will be hired to test anything from startup websites to mobile apps.  When we talk about testing, you will be asked to click through the site or app to get an overall feel, and also likely execute certain tasks.  To qualify for the job, you will need to a computer with internet connection, a webcam and microphone, and mostly likely a smartphone.  You can make around $10 per completed test (but as much as $60 per test!) which should take you between 10-20 minutes.   Therefore, you can make as much as $30 per hour as a hired worker for UserTesting.com.


I mentioned there are several of these user testing sites and TestingTime is another good one.  TestingTime aggregates job opportunities for usability testing as well as paid participation in focus groups, surveys and other types of market research.  Eligible employees for hire will need a computer with internet connection and a Skype account for live testing feedback.


You mainly need a computer with an internet connection and a Skype account to give your live testing review.  Before you get started, you will be asked to complete a few short questions that will be recorded and used for matching purposes.  If you profile fits the requirements for a project user tester, you will have the option to select times to fit your schedule.  The system may contact several matches for the job at once, and positions are filled on a first come basis.  Once you complete the testing with the agreed upon schedule, you will get paid within 10 days.  Expect that a typical study will take between 30 to 90 minutes of your time.


Tutors can earn more than $1000 per month, starting at $20 per hour.  To get rolling, Chegg will send students in need of tutoring to you.  You are able to tutor from anywhere as long as you have access to reliable, high-speed internet.   Be sure to provide exceptional support at all times.   Reviews and a positive reputation will help you build and grow your opportunities over time.   Most often you will be required to have a college degree to apply and you will be required to take and pass a screening test to qualify.


Fiverr takes it name from a $5 asking price for all “gigs” when the company was first founded.  Today you will find that many of the freelancers charge significantly more, although there are some that have stuck to the $5 theme.   Others successfully mix and match package offerings with add-ons to build a full-time business.

If you haven’t used or listed jobs on Fiverr in the past, it’s certainly one to look into.  Similar to platforms like Upwork, there are tons of possibilities for gigs.  Basically Fiverr is not just another portal for web developers and SEO consultants.  If you have a skill that you think others can benefit from, you can likely find a category on Fiverr that fits.  Think outside of the box! [eafl id=”2085″ name=”Fiverr” text=”Get started on Fiverr here.  “]


Are you good with kids?  Have any interest in becoming an online tutor? VIPKID is an online teaching company that connects native English speakers to students between 5 and 12 years old in China.  Earning opportunities vary but you can expect to make between $15 to $22 per hour.  You do not even need to speak Chinese to apply and qualify as VIPKid offers a full immersion program for their students. You will be required to sign on for a 6-month commitment that affords complete flexibility on hours.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions is a contact center outsourcing company.  The application process is very brief and then you will be required to take an assessment (plan on 30 minutes).  Like many of these freelance platforms the pay rate will vary depending on the job but typical range is between $9 and $30 per hour.



Belay is a virtual assistant company, as well as several other freelance type positions for the tech savvy.  The main positions advertised on the site are virtual assistant services, virtual bookkeeping, and website maintenance services.  If you have a Bachelor’s degree and especially if you have administrative experience (although not always required), Belay may be a good option to consider.  You can expect to make around $15-20 per hour via direct deposit.


Flexjobs is considered a “job scraping platform” to aggregate and manage job feeds for (mostly) remote jobs.  You will find a TON of options here, for both employees and freelancers.  For this reason, you will find there is a wide variety in hourly pay for positions ranging from Advertising and PR to Research to Project Management.  If you think you can’t perform your job remotely (or find a position that plays to your strengths and interests), you should definitely check out FlexJobs.   Because there are such a HUGE variety of positions available, you will find there are a surprising number of remote jobs and titles that will work for you.


Upwork is a well-known platform leveraged by freelance/remote workers worldwide.  Upwork gives you more freedom to create your own offering and run your own business, define your rate, and maintain control over projects you choose and clients you work with.  You can get paid via hourly or fixed price.  They do collect a fee or commission from your postings so keep in mind the price you set is prior to their service deductions.  For instance, if you list your offering at a $20 per hour rate, you will take home about $16 an hour.  There are an increasing number of people making six figures with Upwork.  Be mindful that if you are looking for more guidance and support, Upwork may not be the best choice as you are essentially leveraging the platform to build and grow your own freelance business.


Boldly, formerly Worldwide101, is a company offering remote virtual assistant positions and currently also: Executive Assistant, Marketing and Social Media Specialist, Project Manager, and Executive Assistant (paralegal). They are well-known in the industry and offer a competitive starting wage if you are looking to break into this space.  Boldly partners with some of the largest brands like Apple, Facebook, and Google to put you to work! To get started you will have to 1) apply for one of their W2 positions, 2) complete the onboarding process which will match you to companies based on your strengths, experience and interests, and 3) start supporting businesses with the Boldly team behind you along the way.


Nexrep matches companies with contract customer service reps and outbound sales agents.  You will be expected to accept inbound calls and make outbound calls and handle email support.  Typical pay rate is between $20 and $25 per hour.


Freelancer is similar to Belay, although there are quite a few more employment opportunities.  In fact there is work performer in over 1350 categories from SEO to article writing to translation to Photoshop.   You can expect to make about $21/hr.  Companies will post projects with details including the kind of work to be performed, terms of payment (hourly versus fixed rate), and scheduling requirements.  Based on the project specifications the company or individual will be able to browse relevant freelancer profiles to screen for the perfect candidates.


As long as you are a native english speaker and have a bachelor’s degree and/or advanced degree you will likely fit the bill.  Oftentimes they are also looking for background, experience, or training in various academic disciplines.  You can expect to earn between $20 and $30 an hour to proofread and edit documents.  The business of freelance proofreading is huge, guys and gals. If this particular company isn’t for you, there are plenty of other similar sites on the web.


If writing is more  your thing, Scripted hires freelance content writers to craft engaging articles and social media content.  The bar is fairly low to apply for the job(s); you simply need basic writing skills. Companies and individuals will post their needs in terms of content writing and project specifications.  You and other content writers will see their project description and submit your proposals.  If you are selected you will have a week to complete the work at which time the project owner can request revisions or accept immediately.  You may set your own price/rate but expect about $25 for each article.


Is a platform of freelance online search engine evaluators, no previous experience required!  The only thing you will need is a personal computer with reliable internet connection.   You will be required to take a three-part test to become an Appen freelancer.  The exam tests both theoretical and practical understanding of search engine evaluation.  According to Indeed the average Appen hourly pay ranges from $9.00 to per hour for Researchers to $30 per hour for Data Collectors.

The Social Element

Okay, so admittedly this one falls below the $22 per hour threshold at $15 per hour, but I thought I’d include it as it may interest many of you.  Are you a social media junkie?  Start getting paid for it.  This company hires social media freelancers willing to manage various social media accounts.  First you’ll need to your poison: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.   While previous experience is not required you will need to be savvy on one or several of these platforms.

Book in a Box

Book in a Box hires proofreaders and editors at a rate of $20 to $50 per hour depending on the project.  The one downfall of this company is that all positions are temporary. However, if you’re interested in trying out proofreading (and you qualify) you may continue to reapply for projects.

Virtual Bookkeeper

You do NOT have to be  CPA to be a successful bookkeeper.  However, are you good with numbers and appreciate a good puzzle?  Are you personable?  You might be a great candidate as a bookkeeper and remote bookkeeping positions are fairly common.  You will want to take an online course and of course make sure you have a reliabe laptop with internet connection.  Check out dedicated sites like ClickAccounts, listings on sites like Indeed.com, or post your services on sites like [eafl id=”2085″ name=”Fiverr” text=”Fiverr “]and Upwork to build and grow your own freelance business.  You can expect to make as much as $60 per hour as a remote bookkeeper with a little bit of effort to get there!


Become a transcriber for REV.com to earn $25 to $45 per audio hour.  You can manage your schedule with flexible hours, work as much as you’d like, and receive your payment every Mondays.  Even if you do not have experience as a transcriptionist you may join and qualify.

American Journal Experts

American Journal Experts offers remote positions for editors and translators.  You can expect to get paid between $15 per hour to $30 per hour.   The company is used by many of the leading names in scientific journal publishing. Some current and former contractors have mentioned that while the online system is convenient, jobs are first-come-first-served and sometimes infrequent.


A few final notes on remote jobs that pay $21 an hour or more…

The best way to grow any new or existing online business (even freelance) is to start a blog.  In the long run, you could find yourself with a new passive incoming source with endless monetization options.

I recommend you get started with [eafl id=”1084″ name=”Bluehost” text=”Bluehost “]for as little as $3 per month, for a reliable and scalable platform.

For other ideas on how to build a side hustle from home, be sure to check out some of my posts on online surveys sites.  While these are not get rich quick solutions, they are plenty of sites out that offer mindless ways to earn some extra cash.

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