20 Gift Ideas For Entrepreneurs

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Are you stumped on the perfect gift idea for the entrepreneur friend or family member in your life?   Or maybe you are just shopping suggestions for others to gift you this holiday.   We’ve got you covered.

When you’re shopping for an entrepreneur you have you think through how and what gift might help them in the daily grind of building and growing a company.  What is going to boost their productivity, make them more comfortable working long hours, or just feel like a million bucks?

From one entrepreneur to another, here are some tried and true favorites.

Note: Many of these items include links to Amazon.  I do receive a small affiliate commission in some cases but rest assured, I would not recommend any products that I do not own or stand behind completely.

Here is how to make your entrepreneur happy this holiday and beyond!

The T-shirt every entrepreneur needs to have.   ($19)

Apple Airpods ($139)

Show your entrepreneur how much you care with the luxury version of bluetooth headphones.  Does he or she work out of coffee shops or co-working spaces?   They definitely need these.

Portable charger ($49)

According to reviews, this device outperforms its competitors.  It can charge your phone, tablets, computers many times.  These powerbanks are life-savers when you run out of battery on your phone.

Classic Moleskin notebook ($15)

Ideas are everywhere.  Your entrepreneur needs the perfect notebook to capture all of his/her new ideas as well as to-do lists.  This is an essential for any entrepreneur.

Travel pouch for all those cables and cords ($12) 

It’s the little things…  This travel case will hold phone cords, kindle chargers, earbuds, iPad chargers in one place.  Can’t put a pricetag on the things that help you feel like you have your life together.

Sleek business card holder ($6)

How about a sleek business card holder to go with some new business cards?

Blue light blocking glasses ($21)

For entrepreneurs that find themselves staring at digital screens for most of the day, these glasses will limit the amount of blue that enters their eyes minimizing digital eyestrain and damage.  Save their eyes with gift that keeps giving back!   Be sure to check out the other (a million and one) designs available on Amazon.

Apple watch ($329)

The Apple smartwatch is critical for those subtle glances at information for an entrepreneur on the go.  It offers a way to quickly respond to emails or request with the least amount of friction.  Not to mention, the health monitoring is a great secondary benefit.

Aeropress coffee maker ($30)


We can’t give them the gift of time, but can give them gifts that increase energy and productivity.  First of all, this just makes really good coffee. The best part about this little coffee contraption for entrepreneurs is that it’s portable.  You can keep it at the office, take it on trips, and basically use it anywhere that you can access boiling water.

Bulletproof Original Coffee, 12 Pack ($43)

Aside from the caffeine (which is crucial to thriving and surviving for entrepreneurs),  Bulletproof contains brain octane MCT which will kick your brain into high gear, help with weight loss, curb your hunger, and improve recovery.

Yet insulated mug ($24)

These are a cult favorite for good reason: it keeps coffee hot (or cold!) for hours!

Treadmill desk ($649)

Researchers have long known the significant role exercise has in improving cognitive performance including attention and memory as well as overall brain structure.  Treadmill desks help to improve mood and reduce stress, as well as increase creativity and productivity.

Standing desk ($129)

Standing desks also offer significant health benefits.  For those that spend most of the day at their desk, standing desks reduce back pain, improve mood and energy levels, and boost productivity.  Who doesn’t want those things?


Anti-fatigue mat for standing desk ($69)

With over 600 5-star reviews on the product to speak for itself, this one is a no-brainer if your entrepreneur ever uses a standing desk.  The engineered material is designed to support micro and macro movements that erase fatigue caused by stationary standing.

Below desk mini elliptical trainer ($135)

This compact, below desk elliptical is super quiet nd can be used both under the desk and for standing  up exercise.   This is a great way to get the blood pumping for someone that spends much of the day at their desk. 

Biotrust Protein Powder (FREE + shipping) 

To fuel those long days at the office.  Many milk-based protein powders do more harm than good.  Biotrust protein powder is a premium formation made with grass-fed protein that is soy free, hormone free, and without any artificial sweeteners.  Biotrust lets you have the first container free (plus shipping).  Gift them this protein powder and I’m willing to bet they will be back for more.

TUMI Laptop carrying case ($94)

Also available in larger sizes to accommodate different laptop screen sizes, you cannot beat TUMI on style, quality, and durability.  The entrepreneur in your love will love this.

TUMI 15 inch laptop briefcase ($439)

This is more of a splurge gift but also an item that will likely be used every day… and I guarantee it will be loved and last for years to come.  I have had the identical laptop bag for 10 years and it’s still in perfect shape.  For entrepreneurs that travel frequently, it is also TSA checkpoint friendly, meaning it can pass through security without removing the laptop on the scanner belt.

Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson (FREE + shipping)

CEO and Founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson, shares secrets on how to turn your passion, talents, and skills into a sucessful business.  This book should be in every entrepreneur’s arsenal of wisdom and knowledge.  Best part is this gift is FREE with shipping.

DotCom Secrets (FREE + shipping)

Here is another must-have hit book by Russell Brunson.  For web-based business owners and entrepreneurs, this book will walk through how to optimize sales funnels, copy and processes to improve sales conversions and scale companies online.  Another (GREAT) free book, you just cover the shipping.


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