18 Instagram Hacks That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

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Do you ever feel like everyone around you is doing cool stuff on Instagram? Like everyone else knows all the Instagram secrets, while you’re stuck doing the basics? How about to level up the playing field a bit?

1. See what your friends are up to on Instagram

Curious about what your friends are doing on Instagram? Luckily, there’s an easy way to see all their recent likes and comments in one place. Click the heart icon at the bottom of your screen. Switch to “following” at the top of screen to see all the latest activity of the people or businesses you follow!

2. Save posts privately so you can revisit them later

Have you ever seen a post you wanted to check out later in more detail?

Simply click the bookmark icon beneath the post to save it to a private section of your profile. If you want to save the post to a collection (a series of post on certain topic or theme), simply tap and hold the bookmark.

To see the posts you’ve previously saved, go to your profile and click on the bookmark icon there.

3. Never miss a notification from your favorite accounts

Worried you’re going to miss a post from your best friend, favorite celebrity, or even a business competitor?

Never miss a post again by turning on post notification on all your favorite accounts.

It’s so easy to do:

  • Click through to the profile you want to receive notification for
  • Click on the three dots at the top right of the screen
  • Select “Turn on Post Notification”

Now every time that accounts post something, you’ll receive a notification…even if you’re not in the Instagram app at the time (Just be sure you’ve allowed Instagram notifications in your phone’s settings, or this hack won’t work).

4. Put links in your Instagram stories

Have you ever wondered how certain brands and celebrities have been able to include a “see more” link in their stories? In case you haven’t seen them, clicking on the link takes users to an external link within the app.

While this feature is currently still being tested in verified accounts, it will hopefully be rolled out to all users soon.

5. Use Instagram filters without actually posting to Instagram

Have you ever want to use Instagram filters for a photo you’re not sharing on Instagram? Fortunately, you can!

And it’s so easy to do:

  • Click on the options button (gear/three dots) from your profile
  • Scroll down and make sure “Save Original Photos” is toggled on
  • Go to your phone’s main settings, and turn on airplane mode. This will mean you can’t actually post anything to Instagram for the time being
  • Upload your photo and edit as desired
  • Click “Share”

Because your phone is in airplane mode, the photo won’t actually get posted. But, it will get saved on your phone

6. See posts from your city

Ever wanted to see posts from people in your local community? Want to find new people in your city you can follow?

Here’s how:

Click the magnifying glass icon to go to the Search page, then move to the “Places” tab. Type in your city name, and voila! You will now be able to see all the recent photos that have been geo tagged with your city.

7. Add an extra line in your bio or Instagram posts

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to break up their bio or post text into niche, neat lines by using line breaks?

While it’s actually super easy to do this, it’s not immediately obvious how!

Here’s how:

  • Simply tap on the “123” button on your phone’s keyboard (left hand side) to reveal the return button
  • You’ll now see the “return” button on the right hand side of the keyboard
  • Hit the return button to add a line break

8. Hide your story from certain people

Ever wanted to share a story, but not have certain people see it?

It’s so easy:

Simply go to the person’s profile, and click on the three dots at the top right. Tap “Hide your story”.

Now everyone but that person will be able to see your story!

9. Save a post as a draft

Ever started to create and edit a post, then ran out of time to finish it? Instagram actually gives users a way to save in-progress posts as drafts.

And it’s easy:

Take a photo as usual, and start editing it and writing out your caption. Click the back arrow to move back to the editing screen, then click it again.

You’ll now see the option to save your post as a draft.

When you’re ready to complete your posts, click the + icon as usual. Above your camera roll, you’ll see a section called “Drafts” (you might need to scroll up a bit). Click on your draft and continue editing as needed!

10. Remove photos you’ve been tagged in

Ever been tagged in a photo that you don’t want to show up under “Photos of you”?

Fortunately, it’s easy to remove those unflattering or embarrassing photos from your profile.

Here’s how:

Go to your profile, and click the person icon under your profile pic and name. You’ll now see all the photos you’ve been tagged in.

Select the photo you want to remove and click the three dots at the top right. Tap “Photo Options”, and then select “Hide From My Profile”. That’s it!

11. Use a certain hashtags to boost your followers

If you want to grow your followers, using hashtags is one of the best strategies. Using the right hashtags will extend the reach of your posts, making sure more people find your posts and engage with your content.

Some of the most popular hashtags for attracting new followers include:


12. Add a border to your image

Have you ever wondered how people add borders to their posts? While you can always use a photo editor before uploading an image, this can be time-consuming and inefficient.

Here’s how:

Take a photo as usual, and click on whatever filter you’d like to use. Now click on the same filter again… you should see a slider bar and a box with a border around it.

13. Hide annoying ads

Do you ever find you keep seeing the same ads, again and again? Or maybe Instagram is consistently showing you ads that just aren’t relevant or interesting to you?

Help Instagram learn your preference by hiding certain ads you don’t want to see.

To do this, simply click the three dots on a post that says “Sponsored”, and then tap “Hide Ad”.

14. Revisit posts you’ve liked

Want to take re-visit post you know you’ve liked in the past? Tired of scrolling endlessly trying to find it? There’s a better way!

Here’s how:

Go to your profile, and click on the gear icon (IOS) or three dots (Android). Scroll down and click on “Posts You’ve Liked” under “Account”.

You’ll now see a complete list of all the posts you’ve liked!

15. See how many people have viewed your story

Are you ever curious about who has watched your Stories? Did you know Instagram offers a super-simple way to view this info?

While in your Story, simply swipe up to reveal how many people have viewed your Story…and even see exactly who has viewed it!

16. Browse Instagram without accidently liking posts

Want to scroll through posts without worrying you’ll accidently like one?

Simply load a bunch of posts on your phone, then turn on airplane mode. You can now view those posts without worrying about double-tapping on them.

17. Share an Instagram Post to Pinterest

Ever wanted to share an Instagram post to Pinterest? Unfortunately, Instagram only lets you automatically post to Facebook or Messenger.

Luckily, it’s easy to cut and paste your Instagram post URL into Pinterest.

Here’s how:

Click the three dots next to the post you want to copy, and tap “Copy Link”. Now go to the Pinterest app on your mobile device, and go to your profile page (click the person icon). Tap the plus icon, then under “Pin”, click “Copied link”. You can now select the post that you previously copied to your clipboard.


18. Embedding photos in WordPress posts and pages

The first fun thing to know is that you can embed your Instagram photos in your WordPress blog posts and pages by simply clicking on the photo and copying the embed code.

This is a good thing to try as it promotes both your Instagram account and your blog at the same time, while also giving you the choice of using some nice photos for your blog – kind of eliminating the need for stock photos.

If you’re using other people’s photos make sure you have permission, and also beware that if they delete a photo then the image on your blog will also be removed as you’re pulling the photo from Instagram’s servers as opposed to uploading it to your own.

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