121+ Money Making Ideas To Blog About

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If you have been blogging for any amount of time, you have surely found yourself stumped for fresh content ideas.  And more specifically you’ve found yourself stumped for fresh new content ideas that are going to drive traffic.  The jackpot of the blogging world is of course finding the trending topics that are going to make your post go viral.  Also, these trending topics can and should relate back to your blog niche.  As in, if your blog is focused on how to make money online, you probably shouldn’t cover “STEM activities for kids”.

In this article I’m going to share some trending topics, but I’m also going to give you tips on how to find the trending topics so you can ride the wave of popularity and take your next blog post viral.

Here we go:

121+ Money Making Ideas to Blog About

  1. Budget traveling
  2. How to start a podcast
  3. Online gaming tutorials
  4. Game theory: best practices and strategies
  5. Cultural differences and local customs around the world
  6. Languages and hyper learning
  7. Satire: online dating
  8. How to gain financial independence
  9. Bullying and how to manage it
  10. Eco-friendly living
  11. Career coaching
  12. How to retire at 40
  13. Family budgeting
  14. Hacks for travelling for work
  15. Health and super foods
  16. How to start an online business as a virtual assistant
  17. Plant-based vegan diets
  18. Building family traditions
  19. Gardening hacks
  20. City guides
  21. Kitchen gadgets and equipment
  22. Everything coffee
  23. Everything tea
  24. Supplements (analysis and reviews)
  25. Everything meditation
  26. Baking (or a more narrow niche like Baking French pastries)
  27. Herbology and natural remedies
  28. Natural skincare
  29. Funny videos and memes about kids and parenting
  30. Alternative medical treatments
  31. Film reviews for a movie genre
  32. Upcoming activities for adventure seeker in Austin, TX
  33. Improv tips and workshops
  34. Best of Pinterest recipes (roundup)
  35. Testing Pinterest recipes
  36. Health and Fitness for busy people
  37. Movement and fitness for kids
  38. How to play an instrument
  39. How to make money online
  40. Technology gadget reviews
  41. Montessori home-schooling
  42. How to become a freelance writer
  43. STEM activities for kids
  44. Fly fishing
  45. Craft beer at home
  46. How to become a successful gambler online
  47. SAT, ACT tips and tricks
  48. Copywriting tips
  49. How to move your business online
  50. Beginners guide to social media
  51. Current political satire
  52. How to make pottery
  53. Fishing tips and tools
  54. Makeup looks/products for less
  55. Golf courses around the world (analyze each one)
  56. Beginners guide to photography
  57. How to design/make viral images for social media
  58. Yoga/pilates
  59. How to build and grow a business (online/offline) as a personal trainer/fitness professional
  60. Crossfit
  61. Alternative races (Tough Muddler etc.)
  62. Biking trips, lifestyles of cyclists
  63. Extreme sports diaries
  64. Animal Rescue
  65. Recipes for couples without children
  66. Recipes for couples with children
  67. Male guide to female communication
  68. Female guide to male communication
  69. Productivity hacks: apps, tools, and resource reviews
  70. Bullying (and how to manage it)
  71. How to train for a marathon
  72. Website design tips and resources for non-designers
  73. Startup advice
  74. How to grow your passion project/side hustle while working a full-time job
  75. Paleo/primal for middle-aged men and women
  76. Keto for middle-aged men and women
  77. All about wine: how to become a connoiseur, oenology (science of wine)
  78. Minimalist living
  79. How to choose where to live: best places for jobs, people, personal interests etc.
  80. Feng-shui your living space/life
  81. Cultivating a low-waste lifestyle
  82. How to create/sell a product
  83. Everything CBD
  84. Pampered Pets pet lifestyle blog
  85. Simple living : airstream/RV
  86. Fashion trends
  87. Tips and tricks for building iPhone apps
  88. Tips and tricks for building (other) smartphone apps
  89. Car maintenance
  90. Woodworking
  91. Birthday parties for kids
  92. Pet fashion
  93. DIY budget wedding tips
  94. How to build a green wall
  95. How to use QR codes in marketing
  96. Real estate investing/How to run a successful AirBnB business
  97. How to cultivate creativity in your kids
  98. Apartment interior design
  99. Hyper learning techniques
  100. Money mindset
  101. How to write an e-book best-seller
  102. How to build an audience on Twitter
  103. How to grow your following on Pinterest
  104. Videography tips and tricks
  105. The strange and unusual in travel (food, culture..)
  106. Gift guides (for anyone/everyone)
  107. Seasonal decor
  108. How to throw an epic divorce party
  109. Dollar store hacks
  110. 2020 Election updates and analysis
  111. DIY home
  112. Cool mom/cool dad guide to what your kids are into and talking about
  113. Building and growing an e-commerce business
  114. Tips for monetizing your blog
  115. Chic furniture for less
  116. How to find anything (for handymen)
  117. Hunting diaries, tips and tricks
  118. Home staging
  119. Everything essential oils
  120. The future of drones
  121. How to manage/monitor technology at home
  122. Astrology for beginners.

This list could literally go on forever, but hopefully it’s just enough to get those wheels turning!

Have you ever written the most incredible blog post only to find that it was getting zero traffic?  Although this can be very frustrating the reason is very simple: no one is specifically searching for the content you’re writing about.  This doesn’t mean you need to completely abandon your blog niche.  It means you need to be doing more legwork  to identify what people are asking for, and make sure you are answering those questions in your post.

Before you get back to blogging, here are some resources you might find useful to ID trending topics and perform keyword research.

  • Twitter:  This one’s no secret!  They directly list current trends on the homepage and profile page.
  • Buzzfeed: They built an entire site based on trending topics!  Check on the right hand side of the landing page with a live feed of articles and trending topics.
  • Quora: Gain insight into what people are asking that are in your niche.  Search for a topic and a list of questions will appear.  Focus on questions with high level of engagement.
  • Google: Type a question in the search bar and see how Google autocompletes that phrase.  Another great tool from Google is Google Trends. Simply search for a topic in the search bar, and it will return the volume of traffic.
  • Pinterest: same strategy as Google, using autocomplete to ID relevant keywords and phrases.
  • Reddit: similar to Quora, explore sub-reddits in your niche to see what people are talking about.  This isn’t an effective way to find keywords persay, but you can certainly gather info on what questions people are asking.
  • BuzzSumo:  I list this one last because this platform is really only useful unless you purchase a paid subscription or sign up for a free trial.  However, it is extremely useful for identifying trending keywords, ideas and trends.

Hopefully this post has you well on your way to identifying the content and posts your audience is looking for!  As long as your

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  1. Very informative blog it is…!!

    I finally got something which I was looking for since many times. These ideas are just awesome and I have decided that I will do about hyper learning techniques. Thanks for the helpful article.