100 Ways to Make Money (Mostly from Home) In Your Free Time

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Are you looking for some extra ways to earn some cash (mostly from home)?  The internet allows us to do virtually anything from the comfort of our home—including making lots of money!   In this article you will find the top 100 ways to pad your wallet in your free time, including several sites I personally use on a daily basis.

Start a blog to make money from home in your free time

Have a hobby or something interesting to talk about?  Put it online. This is the best way to make money while you sleep.  Starting a website with Bluehost will take you 20 minutes and costs just a couple dollars a month.  Using WordPress to power your blog?  Bluehost has special hosting options for you.

Hosting for less than $3 per month with Bluehost.


Join a referral program with Maxbounty

According to a research, people are 4 times more likely to buy a product/service when it is referred by a friend.  An affiliate marketplace like Maxbounty is one that connects brand and products with affiliates (publishers).  As an affiliate, you will have access to hundreds of advertising campaigns, aggregated in one place for you to browse and share with friends and followers.   There are a number of ways to promote products as an affiliate, from sending email campaigns to your email subscribers, to banner ads to product reviews on YouTube.  This program is legit and has some serious earning potential.  Click here to get started.

Promote Clickbank products

Clickbank is another (one of the world’s largest and popular) affiliate networks.  You will find a great range of products with high commissions.  Pretty much same goes here as for MaxBounty.  All you need to do is select products and promote them to your followers to get paid when they buy.

Join Clickfunnels affiliate program


If you haven’t heard of ClickFunnels, it is software that enables people to grow their companies through sales funnels. If you have an online business or you have an audience of entrepreneurs running an online business, ClickFunnels affiliate program can help you earn a hefty commission (even full-time job).  When your follows use your links or funnels to sign up as a monthly paying member, you get paid.  Sign up here for a 14-day free trial and starting converting your blog visitors to paying customers.

Sell digital products online

A digital product any item that can be sold through digital means, so via electronic files or website access. The best part about selling digital products is that you don’t need a lot of upfront cash to get started as you would to manufacture and sell a physical product.  You will need a platform (website) to sell your product, a hosting provider, and marketing and advertising.   Again….we can’t recommend Bluehost hosting service enough for less than $3 a month!

Click here to set up your Bluehost account.  And don’t forget about Clickfunnels to help you create and build a killer sales page and sales funnel…

Become an affiliate for ShareASale

ShareASale is an affiliate program that includes more that 2,500 merchants.  As an affiliate, you direct sales to the merchants’ websites to earn a commission for your referrals.  Many bloggers simply rely on Google Adsense to monetize their blogs, making pennies for directing traffic.  Affiliate marketing brings you a significantly higher earning potential.  It’s very easy to sign up and get started here.

Collect $50 from Nielson

Love browsing the internet? Then, claim $50 every year from Nielsen Consumer Panel just for keeping their app on your devices.  Eligible devices may include a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or heck… all of them to get $50 for each.  Claim your first $50 here.

Make money from home with TimeBucks

Timebucks pays you to watch videos, view funny slideshows, complete surveys, install apps, and follow people on Instagram.   Earn your first dollar just for signing up.  Fast tip: click on the “earn” tab and then the surveys tab to earn cash quick.

Take surveys for SurveyJunkie from to make money in your free time

Yes, completing surveys for money is a real thing.  Make passive income online by filling out surveys with Survey Junie.  There are a lot of options out there, but SurveyJunkie is a clear favorite.  The interface is simple and it’s easy to join, just create a profile to get started here.  Cash out points earned for taking surveys directly to your Paypal Account.

Take surveys (and complete other simple tasks) for Inbox Dollars

Another favorite (survey site) is Inbox Dollars. Brands need lots of consumers to try new products, give feedback via surveys so that they can predict how a larger audience might respond to their products and advertising.  Earn a few extra dollars completing tasks including but not limited to completing surveys, watching videos, searching the web, and playing games.  Each times a task is completely, the brand pays InboxDollars, and then InboxDollars shares a cut in cash with you.  It’s exactly as simple and painless as it sounds.  Sign up here to get started earning money from home in your free time.

Get cash back for shopping with Rakuten (formerly Ebates)

This has got to be the easiest, no-brainer way to make money from home in your free time on this list.  Download the Rakuten app or browser extension, and automatically get cash back for your online purchases.  There are hundreds of participating online retailers.  Get started here and start getting paid for your shopping.

Take surveys for E-poll

Great way to share your opinion and make an impact on the products and brands you care about.  Your opinions will earn you rewards to places you like to shop.  Get started here.

Write an e-book

Amazon’s Kindle book store makes it easy for anyone and everyone to publish their own book.  No publisher required with Amazon’s Direct Publishing platform!   They will take a commission for each sale but their reach is huge and will help you sell the most copies.

Take surveys for Opinion City

Opinion City connects you with market research companies who then send you surveys to make money from home in  your free time.

Start a podcast

If you can build an audience, you can make money with sponsorships and advertising.  There are even monetization options with Buzzsprout for those just getting their feet wet with podcasting. Be sure to check out my blog post on podcast hosting services to learn more about monetization options.

Take surveys for Survey Voices

As you may have gathered at this point there are a ton of survey sites out there.  Survey Voices is a broker for other survey sites.  Meaning, the advantage of taking surveys through Survey Voices is that you don’t have to keep track of multiple accounts through several survey sites.  Unfortunately they take a cut of the payouts as a middleman, but if you’re looking for a simple way to complete surveys from multiple sites, this may be a good option for you.

Evaluate products for PineCone Research to make extra money from home in your free time

Surveys pay on average about $3, so you have the opportunity to make between 12-18 dollars per hour completing surveys.  PineCone will send you surveys and you are able to complete them on your own time.

Deliver with Postmates

Have a bike, car, motorcycle or scooter? Put them to work and earn on your own schedule. Deliver for Postmates.

Sell your photos and stock images

If you have an eye for photography you can sell your photos and other stock images at ShutterstockFoabPhotolemuriStockAdobeDepositPhotos, and Getty Images.

Join Amazon FBA program

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in the world. Since they have the audience and traffic, rent a place on the site to sell your products through the Amazon FBA program.  I have done this in the past to sell Ikea products.  I was able to make a generous margin on the sale of those products because convenience… Let’s be serious, who wants to make the trek to Ikea when you can buy the stuff on Amazon?

Sell WordPress Themes

…and related products at Theme Forestand Envanto Elements.

Make extra money in your free time with Shoptracker

Shoptracker will pay you for shopping on Amazon and other verified online stores. Download and install that app into  Amazon shopping account so they can track your data.   Don’t let this make you nervous.  Shoptracker will only be looking at your shopping receipts to reveal insights on consumer behavior.   Sign up now and collect $3 per month just for keeping the app active.

Simply keep this app on your phone for $ with Mobile Xpression

MobileXpression is another money making app that will pay you to download, install and keep the app active on your mobile phone.  They are offering you money in exchange for gaining insight into consumer behavior and how people use their electronic devices.  They share this data with consumer goods companies to ensure that future inventions are in alignment with the needs of consumers.This company will send you $50 annually plus other monthly rewards for keeping this app active. BINGO!

Earn money for your talents Fiverr

Fiverr the number 1 freelance marketplace on the internet. Do you have a knack for impersonating batman, or is creative writing your thing?  Fiverr is a marketplace for people to monetize talents of all types.  The key is to pitch your talents well to get selected for jobs.

Sell old baby gear on Kidizen for extra money

Kidizen is online marketplace for recycled kids clothing.  There are plenty of places online to sell your used stuff, but I like that this is dedicated to kids clothing for a more focused audience of buyers and sellers.

Review music to make extra money from home in your free time

Artists and music labels need your feedback too.  If you music, review unsigned bands and artists online for Slicethepie. You will need to listen to audio tracks and then leave written feedback.  Based on your reviews the artist may find opportunities such as radio placement. This site has a lower income potential than other survey or review sites, but if you love music, why not make it your business?

All in one resource for remote jobs with Flexjobs

There are 1001 job sites these days but this one is dedicated to remote jobs that are hiring for full-time and part time work, including freelance jobs.  There are also some on-site jobs for those with alternative schedules.  Think of it as an Indeed.com but all for remote or freelance job opportunities.

Provide tutoring services with VIPKID

VIPKID is ranked the number one work from home company by Flexjobs.   Pay is typically between $12 and $22 to teach English online to kids in China. English classes are one-on-one and taught through the online platform. You must have a bachelor’s degree to teach with VIPKid.

Provide tutoring services with QKids

Qkids is another tutoring firm that connects over 600,000 Chinese young learners with online teachers, tutors and, educators.  Like VIPKid, they offer flexible working hours with average pay sitting around $24 per hour.

Participate in clinical trials at Clinicaltrials.gov

ClinicalTrials.gov is run by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and provides a complete list of national and international clinical trials seeking participants.  Their site is very easy to use, simply search for studies by location, type, or condition.

Participate in clinical trials at PhRMA.org

PhRMA.org which stands for Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America also maintains an extensive database of clinical trials across the country.  On their site you will find information and relevant studies for investigational drugs, and the institutes (both hospitals and academic institutions) that are conducting trials.   This is a great way to make some cash while contributing to meaningful research.

Participate in clinical trials with CenterWatch.com

CenterWatch offers clinical trial opportunities for conditions as mild as acne and even studies seeking completely healthy patients.

Buy and sell domains

The key is to snag domain names that might have some commercial value and then resell them.

Join the Amazon Associate Affiliate Program

Similar to other affiliate programs, Amazon will pay you referral fees for traffic (and subsequent sales) that you send to products on Amazon.com.  It’s free for website owners and bloggers.

Online market trading with eToro

There are other online market trading sites out there,  but eToro is one I have been personally experimenting with recently.  While this isn’t the easiest way to earn cash, if you learn how to invest properly and safely you can make a lot of money.  Check out the CopyTrader feature, which allows you to simply copy the eToro’s top performing traders’ portfolios.

Rent out your parking space for cash

If you live in a larger city like San Francisco, LA, or Chicago there are several companies popping up that will help you rent out your unused parking space for money.  Some of these companies are Spot Hero, Curb Flip, and Pavemint.

Sell coupons on Ebay

I have both purchased and sold coupons on Ebay and I love the idea of this way to earn some extra cash!  If you’re good at clipping and collecting coupons (or just subscribing to email lists to collect coupons) this is for you.  Sell the ones you aren’t using (both physical coupons and electronic) for cash.

Sell unused gift cards on Cardpool

Christmas is coming up.  This is a great time to sell (or buy) giftcards at a discounted price for some extra cash.

Sell essential oils

The two biggest companies, doTerra and YoungLiving, allow you to become Wellness Advocates and make money selling their products.  Grow your commission on essential oils; the more you sell the more commission you make.  The easiest and fastest way to make money is by selling the starter kits to new essential oil users.

Sell beauty for Avon

Avon is a popular beauty, personal care, and household products brand that has been around for over 100 years.   In fact, it is considered the fifth largest beauty company in the world.  Avon offers both full-time and part-time sales positions from your own home.  The average Avon employee makes just shy of $40,000 per year.  Apart from the commission, you shall also get free education and insurance benefits enjoyed by other Avon employees.

Sell clean beauty products for Beauty Counter

Beauty Counter is a rising American direct retail skin care and cosmetic brand.  The company was founded in 2013, and as of 2018, had over 150 products and more than 40,000 independent beauty consultants. Reviews are in that consultants love working here.  They make 25-35% commission on sales (depending on sales volume).  And employees are paid on the next pay cycle (the 10th of the following month) as soon as they make a sale.  The average consultant makes $74,000 a year.

Monetize your idle car with GetAround

List your car on this site to start making money when customers rent your vehicle.  Customers will pay a premium for car rentals.   No need to worry about liability as all drivers and vehicles are covered by GetAround insurance when in use.  There are also daily mileage limits, 200 for standard cars and 100 for specialty cars.  Additional miles will cost borrowers additional fees.  GetAround claims that owners can make up to $10,000 per year. The Getaround app allows trusted borrowers to find a rent a car when they need one.  This means you have your car when you need one, and you get paid to loan your car when it’s not in use but in need by someone else.

Sell your old textbooks for cash

This is a great option if you recently graduated and have your no longer needed textbooks on hand.  Amazon Marketplace is an easy platform to sell your textbooks, just keep in mind they do take a commission.

Become your own bank (lender) and collect interest

Peer-to-peer lending is the future.  With sites like Prosper you can become an investor and earn some extra cash from the comfort of your home.  Historical returns on prosper are on average 5.2%.

Rent out your car for cash with Turo

Turo is the self-proclaimed AirBnB for cars. The average car owner and Turo member makes about $540 a month, which is of course dependent on how often you rent out your car.  The company is available in more than 3500 cities.  For renters the car service is 25-30% than car rental agencies.  To get started, you’ll need to set up an account, describe your car, upload images, and set your own price for car rental.

Become a driver for Uber

Uber makes it possible work more (than even a full time job) if you want, and potentially make more.  As long as you have a decent car, good driving record, and a phone, you can get approved.  You must also have at least three years ofl driving experience and pass a background check.

Become a driver for Lyft

Make your own schedule, drive as much as little as you want with Lyft. It may pay to drive for both Uber and Lyft—and many do!  Sometimes one service offers better rate than the other, so why not expand your pool of customers?

Deliver food for DoorDash

Food delivery companies are always looking for drivers to deliver food to their customers.  DoorDash will pay you up to $25 per hour to deliver food near you.

Deliver food for UberEats

Deliver packages for Instacart

Become an in-store shopper or delivery driver to make money weekly.  It is very easy to sign up with zero fees.

Deliver packages for Shipt

Earn up to $22 hours shopping for Shipt members!

Earn money for your talents on Upwork

Freelancing is the new norm of work!  Upwork is the place to go to build a nice side gig as a freelancer. Upwork is a great opportunity to essentially run your own freelance business online.  Choose your schedule, your clients, and your projects.

Earn money for your talents on Guru

Guru.com is another freelance platform connecting independent professionals with employers all over the world.  There are over 3M+ professional services offered on the site from translators to administrative assistants.

Earn money for your talents on Freelancer

Freelancer is very similar to other freelance sites like Guru.  Why not offer your services on both?

Sell your old clothes on Poshmark to make money from home in your free time

Make a ton of cash selling those clothes you never wear!  Poshmark charges $2.95 for all sales under $15, and a flat commission of 20% on all sales over $15.   I have both bought and sold clothes on Poshmark and I have zero complaints.  The interface is very intuitive and the experience was seamless.

Sell your stuff on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace

I have had more luck with the Facebook Marketplace, but both are great platforms to get paid for your spring cleaning.


This app can negotiate your bills to lower your monthly payments and cancel unnecessary subscriptions and services.  Just connect your accounts, and let the app do the hard work of save you cash. It’s free, and not to worry, Trim used bank level security with 256-bit SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and read-only access.

Get money back on recent purchases with Paribus

Paribus is an app that scans your email for purchases from hundreds of retails to locate items that have dropped in price.  They then negotiate for a price adjustment to get you that extra cash back.

Rent a spare room at AirBnB and earn hundreds

Some people have made a business out of this, or are able to cover their mortgage entirely.  Just head over to AirBnB to get their estimate on how much you can earn per month for renting a room in your neighborhood.

Become a dog walker with Rover

Rover is a great way to make extra cash in your free time while enjoying some fresh air.  Whether you are looking for a full-time job or just a way to make some extra cash, becoming a dog walker or dog sitter is an excellent option to explore. https://www.rover.com/dog-walking-jobs/

Get a job as a proofreader

Even as a beginning proofreader, you can earn around $10 per hour, and up to $30 with more experience.  Proofreading jobs at Indeed, for instance, will earn $12-20 per hour. You may be required to provide grammar checks, formatting edits, and spell checks for all kinds of written work. Another place to look is Gramlee.  Note that you’ll likely need to pass screening tests to qualify for proofreading jobs on the web.

Rent out your house for filming

You never know what kind spaces directors of film and tv might be looking to shoot.  Sites like https://www.locationshub.com/ are a good place to get started.

Sell your old iPhone with Gazelle

Get a 3% bonus on your trade in by using my affililate link. You can also collect for trade-ins on tablets and computers.

Sell old technology on Decluttr

Actually they buy a whole lot more than just technology.  Sell your phones, tablets, as well as books, legos, DVDs, and games for cash.

Sell old books on BookScouter

Join the Moms Business Network

Find stay at home/work from home jobs in your free time. This site will match you with the best home-based business.  Just sign up with your email and wait for job offers to roll in.

Get $5 free with Acorns

Connect the app to a debit or credit card to start rounding up purchases for your investment account.  Get 5 bucks free just for signing up.

Become a virtual assistant

Provide administrative or technical help for cash. Check out sites like Freelancer and Upwork for job openings.

Become a user tester with User Tester

Collect some cash for helping businesses understand if their product is going to meet customer demands, pre-launch.

Become a user tester at Usability Hub

Become a translator to earn extra money from home in your free time

The global market for this is huge: around $40B and it’s growing exponentially. Yes, there is automated translation but it’s not considered reliable by many publishers.  They need you!  Especially for website translation, transcriptions, and foreign language education.

Get paid for mindless clicking with Mechanical Turk

Literally.  These sites pay for mindless work like entering data and carrying out web searches.  Easy jobs that pay.

Get paid for mindless clicking with Clickworker

Clickworkers register to perform microjobs on a fee basis.  You may process jobs independently, and on your own schedule.

Sign up for Bing Rewards

Microsoft is offering big bucks to use their own search engine, Bing.  To get started, you’ll have to break up with Google to cash in as much as $5-10 per month for using the Bing search engine.

Earn money from home as a salesperson for Pampered Chef

Pampered chef offers a line of kitchen tools, food products, and cookbooks for preparing food in the home.  Everyone has to eat! Sell your friends kitchen tools to earn cash in your free time.

Become a part time home-based worker with Alpine Access

Earn cash for getting involved in customer service operations for companies.

Become a part time home-based worker with Working Solutions

Join the Working Solutions talent pool of independent contractors.  They partner with various industries to provide talent (that’s you!). They have a number #1 rating on Glassdoor so agents seem to enjoy working for the company.

Review Software from home with SoftwareJudge

If you are good with software and software development, this might be the gig for you.  Just review their software to earn cash.  The more reviews you provide, the more you make.

Start a YouTube channel

If you can talk in front of the camera and can review products or ideas, YouTube might be a great social channel for you to earn some money.  Once you’ve grown your channel, there are several monetization opportunities.  You could be come a YouTube Partner to collect on advertising revenue, connect to google AdSense to get paid per impression, or even get paid for product placement in your videos.

Become an influencer on Instagram

Get paid for your tweets with PaidPerTweet.

Have a bunch of followers that interact with your social media accounts? Start monetizing your twitter account.  All you have to do is tweet messages from PaidPerTweet’s advertisers. Your earning will vary based on your level of influence and the tweet’s reach.

Deliver packages for Amazon Flex

You can earn up to $25/hr delivering packages to Amazon Prime customers.  The catch is that they must be delivered in under one hour.  Flex is actively expanding markets, so you’ll need to verify that you’re in one of them.

Get paid to rate products with 2020 Panel

There are all kinds of ways to get paid with 20/20 panel all related to reviewing products and services for companies.  Typical payout for a project is $50-150.   Join here.

Work at home (for Nurses) with Fonemed

If you are a registered nurse, and looking for new ways to make money from home, there are businesses that can use your expertise—remotely!  Some of these companies include health insurance companies, hospital chains, and recruiting companies.  You could be called on to provide triage and medical information or recommendations to clients.  Check out Fonemed for more info.

Tutor kids or adults online at tutor.com to make money from home in your free time

From Algebra, to Calculus, to English, Test prep and AP—they need your help in a wide variety of subjects.

Provide feedback on search engines for $$ with Leapforce

Test the platform using prescribed searches or general feedback on the experience.

Be part of an online jury with eJury

Stop watching Judge Judy and start making money to take party in pretrial jury cases—all from home!  eJury will pay you money to be part of pretrial jury cases. This is not a live jury, but the objective is for attorneys to gain insight into how a jury is likely to view circumstances of a case in advance of a trial.  Depending on the time and complexity you can make between 5 and 10 dollars for about 35 minutes.

Become a babysitter on care.com

Care.com hooks up service providers with customers for all types of care-related situations.

Make extra money from home for sharing lesson plans

Teachers Pay Teachers allows you to get paid for your lesson plans. This peer-to-peer platform for teachers is also a resource for teachers to come and share various teaching resources.  Either way, if someone buys your lesson plans, you get paid.  Pretty easy way to make some extra cash for a “product” you already have.

Sell and educational course on Udemy

Also in the realm of education is a site called Udemy where you can sell educational courses. You do not have to be a teacher to create/sell a course on this platform.

Sell handmade products on Etsy

Rent your stuff with Loanables

Have some great stuff you’re not using?  This could be anything from clothes to cameras to party supplies.  Earn up to $100/mo loaning out your stuff.

Cut your cable, pad your wallet

If you haven’t done it yet, the time is now.  Cable is expensive and most people can get around without it.  Try Hulu.

Take surveys for Amazon

Take Surveys for McDonald’s

Import and sell goods from Alibaba

Anyone can become an importer for wholesale giant, Alibaba.   All you have to do is think of an idea like “LED dog lights”, search for manufacturers on their website, come up with a pricing strategy (slightly higher than cost to manufacture and ship) and start shipping your product.  You will be surprised to find how many manufacturers are available in even what may seem to be a niche market.

Create your own storefront with Wix.com

Wix storefront allows  you to create your own storefront to sell whatever strikes your fancy–from imported (Alibaba) products to vintage T-shirts.

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