10 Ways To Make $10-$15 Per Hour Online

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Making money online has never been easier. It’s one of the fastest ways to earn extra cash (and even start a business making money full-time).

There are many ways to make good money online.

Today, I’m going to share with you 10 ways to make some money online. Some of these will be quick and simple “jobs” or tasks and others will require a little more work on your part.

Nothing wrong with a little work, right?

1.) Make Quick Cash Every Hour With Online Surveys That Pay

If you’ve researched how to make money online, you’ve definitely come across online surveys. They have become one of the most popular ways to make money online. With good reason.

It costs you nothing, but a few minutes. It’s effortless and you get paid instantly. In some ways, it’s better than having a real job!

All you need to do is sign up for a handful of online survey websites and then start filling them out. After you fill them out, you’ll get paid, many times via PayPal.

It’s some of the easiest money you’ll ever make.

Here are 5 of my favorite and legit online paid survey sites I suggest:

Inbox Dollars

Survey Junkie

Survey Voices

Opinion City

Make Survey Money

2.) Start A Blog That Makes You Money While You Sleep

A blog is my favorite business model. Sure, maybe I’ll never be able to sell my business for 1 Billion bucks to Mark Zuckerburg, but a blog now makes me six-figures a year.

A blog isn’t going to make you rich quick, but if you focus on building it up over time, you can make great money being a blogger.

After a few months, you can easily be making $10-$15/hour, even while you sleep.

I remember, when I made my first sale overnight. It was one of the coolest feelings ever.

What’s a blog?

A blog is a website that will you money day and night even while you’re not necessarily working on it.  I highly recommend this to anyone with an entrepreneurial itch. There is very little overhead and you work as much as you want to or can (when it’s a side hustle).

I wrote this tutorial about starting a blog in 28 minutes or less if you want to learn more.

Click HERE To Get Started With Step #1

3.) Make Money With Fiverr

Fiverr is my go to for a variety of tasks for my business and even for random personal items. Just last week I purchased a Donald Trump birthday message for my Father-In-Law.

Fiverr is loaded with things that make you go “I wish I had thought of that!”

I’ve purchased logos, articles, videos, social media images, and so much more from talented people offering their services.

That’s where YOU come in. If you have any talent what so ever, you can probably monetize it on Fiverr.

To start making money on Fiverr you can sign-up here. When you’re signed up you can set up your profile page and start offering “gigs.” Before you try to overcomplicate this process, remember, people will pay for just about anything.

You can write a short article, shoot a video, create a graphic, do a funny dance, do an impersonation, or even build someone a website!

Check out Fiverr here.

4.) Sell Things On Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace where people sell their own stuff, usually something they’ve made. But the sky is the limit on Etsy, you can sell anything.

You’ll need to be able to make something with your hands (or know someone else who does). If you visit Etsy, search around the site and you can get an idea of what people are selling.

Back when I was first starting out online and needed some extra cash my wife and I started an Etsy store selling Mid-Century Modern plant stands. We sold 10-15 for an extra $1000 when we REALLY needed it.

5.) Be An Online Tutor

Nowadays, you don’t have to “be anywhere” to make money, especially as a tutor. You can tutor people right from your home or coffee shop if you don’t have internet.

You can tutor anything you are good at. And remember, you might not “think” you are good at something, but remember, you are older and have more knowledge and wisdom on alot of people just getting started.

If you have a skill that you can teach to someone, you can be a tutor. You can market your services on Craigslist, your neighborhood paper, Nextdoor, and even Fiverr (mentioned above).

Start off charging less than most tutors to build up some testimonials, then increase your prices as you go. Soon, you’ll be making $30-$40 an hour tutoring and helping people.

6.) Become A Virtual Personal Assistant

A personal assistant is someone who helps people with specific tasks like grocery shopping, running errands, cleaning house, etc…

Well, a virtual assistant is someone who helps someone with specific tasks online (usually related to business) like answering emails, adding data to spreadsheets, proof-reading, and posting to social media.

You can work from anywhere and usually in your PJs.

If you Google virtual assistant jobs or visit websites like Upwork (who I use for my online business) you’ll find thousands of people waiting to hire you.

7.) Write For Money

If you’re a decent writer and are willing to reach out to bloggers and media type websites, you can make great money writing.

Most blogs are desperate for content. If you’re blogging and you aren’t posting consistently, your blog will die.

Which is why, bloggers and offline businesses who have blogs will pay $20-$100 per article if you are a good write and are knowledgeable about your topic.

Most of the best health and fitness blogs (one niche I blog in) are maintained by writers who are paid. I’ve heard many of them pay $20-$50 for a good, well-researched article.

Reach out to blogs and websites you are confident you can write good content for. Maybe even offer to write a free article for them or send samples of your work. It will take some effort, but it can pay off.

Even if you get rejected a few times, you’ll start growing as a writer and blogger when you eventually start your own blog.

By the way, why haven’t you started your blog yet?

8.) Become An Affiliate Marketer

Recently I shared a post about how I was able to pay off over $11,000 in student loans in 9 months as an affiliate marketer.

When you’re an affiliate marketer basically you sell people other people’s services, products, programs, etc…

Some of my favorite affiliate networks to make good money are:

1.) MaxBounty

2.) ClickFunnels

3.) Clickbank

4.) Sharesale

5.) Amazon Associates Program

One of the best ways to start affiliate marketing is through blogging or vlogging. Head over to Youtube right now and I type in “camera review” or “anything review” and you’ll find thousands of videos sharing opinions and reviews on products. And in the description of almost every single one of them, will be an affiliate link to buy that product.

You could also write articles about things you use and would recommend and include an affiliate link to purchase that product.

I do this with products on Amazon, other people’s programs, software, and books.

Here are a couple of other articles on affiliate marketing you might enjoy:

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Free Affiliate Training: How To Make $7,760 Every Month In 100 Days

9.) Teach a skill on Udemy

Udemy is one of the best places online to learn just about anything. For example, I bought a course on stock investing on Udemy when I wanted to learn more about investing in stocks.

Udemy is a online educational website where instructors teach people (mostly through video) many different things. They can charge $10 to hundreds of dollars per course.

If you have expertise in anything, consider teaching it on Udemy. you’d need to be somewhat comfortable on video and expressing yourself. But people are making full time incomes teaching on Udemy.

How To Make $10 to $15 An Hour Online

As you can see, it’s not that hard to make $10, $12, and even $15 an hour online.

It just takes some time and a little effort on your part.

I’ve presented a few ways to get started that require no investment, like surveys and apps.

You also have a few small investment things to consider like starting a blog and even launching your own online program.

You can seriously earn a full-time income of whatever you want running your own blog. If you’re ready to get started on your blog journey, click the link below to sign-up for my free 7-Day ecourse on starting and making money from your own blog:

Start the eCourse Now.



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