10 Passive Income Ideas Guaranteed To Help You Quit Your Job

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There are THOUSANDS of ways to generate passive income online.

Everyday you hear about Youtube stars, Instagram influencers, and even bloggers making millions. I’m personally well on my way to becoming a “millionaire blogger” as I’m consistently generating over $20,000/month.

Nowadays, everyone is wanting to know how to create another stream of cashflow for themselves or their family. Some of the suggestions include writing an ebook, create an online course, start an Etsy Shop, do Airbnb, open a batting cage, open an automated car wash…lots you can do.

But “passive” income ideas aren’t always as passive as they seem. Many of the above mentioned ideas require massive capital to begin and high touch management to sustain.

And while all of those may be valid suggestions, who has time? In your already busy work/social/parenting/dishes/schedule, how do we create something with continuity that will pay us every month predictably?

Don’t even get me started on one-time sales. There’s a time and a place for them, but they DON’T fit into passive income ideas. You should invest your time into creating a passive income funnel that requires your customer to reorder monthly.

You want to build your MRR.

Monthly Recurring Revenue.

This is a cash forecast machine that will create a layer of passive income to help you break free from whatever context you are trying to currently escape (job you hate, economic class you hate, etc).

There are so many passive income opportunities promoting products that are already making customers happy for RECURRING COMMISSIONS!

But, you don’t have to have your own product to get started. That’s where affiliate marketing comes into play. You can sell someone else’s product and get recurring commissions for it.

That’s the awesome thing about affiliate marketing.

If you’ve never done affiliate marketing before, you should really entertain it as a possibility because it’s a fantastic passive income stream that my family and I enjoy. For me, affiliate marketing has been as easy as talking about tools I’m passionate about and use everyday. Luckily, it’s not that hard to start. You can set yourself up as an affiliate, place links on your website, and jump on the path to earning commissions, all within a couple of hours.

So without further ado, here are 10 of my personal recommendations for generating passive income while you sleep that will help you quit the 9-5:

Sales Funnels and Passive Income Ideas


Last year, Clickfunnels paid over 11 MILLION dollars to its affiliates, and they’re hoping to pay out more this year. Once a person becomes a member of Clickfunnels using your affiliate link, you get paid 40% commission off of every person you refer. There are two levels of Clickfunnels membership. A $97/month level and a $297/month level. So if a person buys the first level, you will be making about $40 a month from just that customer.

In my own experience, I actually just hit $10,000 because of the supplementary commission you get from the products your customers buy. That’s a lot of money for not having to do customer support or software development.

One of friends, Spencer Mecham just surpassed $1,000,000, yup ONE MILLION DOLLARS, with the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

I’ve personally done close to $100,000 with the ClickFunnels affiliate program and make almost $4,000/month of passive income.

Clickfunnels is a tool that helps you build your sales funnel, website, online course, you name it!

Click HERE To Download Free Secret Affiliate Machine Funnel To Make $100-$200 Per Day

Legendary Marketer

Legendarymarketer.com is an internet marketing program that’s brought to you by David Sharpe. If you’ve heard of Duplicate Dave, then you are already familiar with his products. Legendary Marketer follows the same lines. They offer training in affiliate marketing.

The base of Legendary Marketer is its subscription service for monthly marketing training videos. For $30 per month, you receive the following benefits:

  • The 15-day challenge
  • 3 Trainings From Top Entrepreneur’s
  • Marketer’s Club Live Training Replays
  • The Journey To 250,000 YouTube Subscribers
  • What to Do and Say to Sell More Stuff and Have People Love You for It
  • You’re One Story Away: How To Use Story To Succeed Online

Legendary Marketer can definitely help you start and grow your online business through education, accountability, and helping you take action.

I recommend starting with The Legendary Marketer’s Club, then working your way into other Legendary Marketer programs.

Email Autoresponders Passive Income Ideas


With AWeber, you get paid a 30% recurring commission from every subscriber that signs up under your affiliate link! There is a wide ranges of pricing based on how many subscribers an AWeber customer may have.

AWeber is a wonderful email automation service that is going to save you and your prospect so much time which makes it so easy to promote. Also, every online entrepreneur needs an autoresponder, so this is a great market to go into. Learn more about the AWeber affiliate program on the AWeber blog!


ConvertKit also has an amazing affiliate program. You get a 30% recurring commission from each referral. Like AWeber, the pricing is different based on how many subscribers a customer may have.

ConvertKit is specifically designed for bloggers, podcasters, and other audience-building businesses. It’s easy to use, awesome with data, and has amazing features. If you’re looking for a an easy and effective way to manage your email list, sign up for ConvertKit!



GetResponse is another awesome autoresponder to promote! You get 33% recurring commissions for every sale you make. Click here to be a GetResponse affiliate.

Active Campaign

Active campaign is one of the best email marketing and automation tools on the internet. You can collect and market to your email list just like with any of the others listed above.

But what Active Campaign does really well is allow to add rules, segments, and marketing automations that are second to none.

Click HERE to start your trial of Active Campaign

SEO/Keyword Research Passive Income Ideas

Longtail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research tool that generates thousands of unique keywords based on a single word or phrase. It helps you find the best opportunity to rank for low competition words.


For each sale that you make, you will receive a monthly 30% commission. There are three levels of pricing with Longtail Pro. $37/month for the starter plan, $67/month for the pro plan, and $147/month for the agency plan. Longtail Pro is a fantastic tool for SEO and has been one of the keys to my success with affiliate marketing.


Once a person becomes a member of SEMRush using your affiliate link, you get paid a 40% recurring commission off of every person you refer. There are three levels of SEMRush membership. A $99/month level and a $199/month level, and a $399/month level. So if a person buys the first level, you will be making about $40 a month from just that customer.

We’re living in a world where SEO is the backbone of a successful blog, and SEMRush is an amazing tool that helps you find your most profitable keywords. This is a powerful tool for you and potential customers to create easy revenue. It’s simplicity and customer satisfaction makes it easy to promote. Learn more about their affiliate program on the SEMRush blog!

Tracking and Traffic Passive Income Ideas


With Udimi you get 15% from all solo ad sales from all your referrals. This means, if you get  10 customers buying 5 solos each month worth $100 each, you will earn: 10 * 5 * $100 * 15% = $750 each month. In addition, you receive 25% monthly from all Prime members or 50% monthly from all Prime members if you are Prime yourself. The Prime membership us $29/month.

If you’re trying to increase your audience, Udimi solo ads is a way you can get really quick, fast, traffic, and a lot of traffic to your site for pretty inexpensive prices. Udimi is fast, secure, and that there are hundreds of solo ad vendors to choose from.


ClickMagick is tracking software that allows you to track your links and campaigns.


The Clickmagick affiliate program is awesome! They actually offer 100% commission for the initial sale for each customer,  and 35% recurring commission for life.

All of these products are great to use, and are great to promote! Affiliate marketing has been a great supplementary income for my family and I, hope you’ll try one of these amazing affiliate programs.

Tips for Passive Income Ideas

  1. SEO is going to be your best friend.
    And this is where SEMRush or Longtail Pro can come into play and help. Knowing words and phrases you can rank for on the first page of Google is going to help you generate more traffic and therefore more commissions.
  2. Video helps.
    Videos help people know you more, trust you more, and like you more, which is crucial to creating sales! If people can associate a smiling face and trustworthy person with your product, they’re way more likely to buy.
  3. Promote something with recurring commissions.
    The good news is, you receive recurring commissions with all of my recommendations in this post. It just makes your income more predictable if you’re monetizing through subscriptions.

What Do People Who Are Making Passive Income Online Know That You Don’t?

Passive income takes time and work.

If you aren’t willing to put in the work, you might as well forget ever quitting your 9-5 job.

By work I could mean:

  • Writing content, shooting videos, and promoting yourself
  • Investing money in programs, courses, and software
  • Networking with people and educating yourself

Generating passive income is like running your own business and you need to treat it like running a business. Sure, you have more freedom, but you still have a business.

That’s what separates the successful people and the ones just dabbling around, HOPING to make money online.

Now go DO THE WORK, sign up for a couple of programs above and start making passive income.

My Go To Program For Passive Income

My favorite program to start generating true passive income is ClickFunnels, here’s what my ClickFunnels dashboard looks like:


That’s about $1,000 in the last 7 days with very little work.

I have a 5 video training that I just put together that shows you exactly what I do to make this kind of money and it’s growing by a few hundred every single month.

You can register for my video training here: Free Secret Affilate Machine To Make $100-$200 Per Day

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